Was I Born A Hermaphrodite

            For the past 25 years I've gone through life under the assumption that I am a male.  Last fall I took a gender study class, on the first day the professor told the class that sometimes babies are born with both a vagina and a penis and sometimes when the doctor see this he either cuts off the penis or sews the vagina closed WITHOUT telling the parents!!!  At the time I thought that was wrong and then just kind of forgot about it; that is until last month.  I had somehow chaffed the inside of right thigh, very close to my crotch so in the shower I wash the area with soap. That's when I felt the scar.  It is long, running from my anus to the middle of my scrotum.  This was actually a rediscovery because I've known about it forever but I had just assumed it was from my circumcision and that scar runs from the tip of my penis to the scrotum.  Being a curious person I wanted to see if the two scars were connected but they are not.  I've been doing research on the internet but I mostly find nothing useful.  I would also like to say that for my body size (huge) I have a pretty small penis.  I've thought about asking a doctor but after reading some of the other stories I don't know if I want to.  So if anyone can help me or just some advice I'd really appreciate it.  

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Is it a scar or the genital raphe? http://images.google.com/images?q=raphe<br />
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Most hermaphrodites and other intersex people are assigned male if their penis is large "enough". Many times the decision is made by the parents as well. Usually is is determined by a through exam and what other organs are present and what reproductive possibilities the child may possess. That's not always the case though.<br />
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There are some tests, however there is nothing truly conclusive. Hormones levels, karyotype and other genetic testing could tell you more or answer nothing. No matter what anyone tells you there are no intersex specialists.<br />
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Regardless, do you have a gender issue or is it curiosity? You dont have to have a physical intersex condition. It's your life you are free to do what you want, and honestly things would be much easier just being a normal TS than being in intersex hell. It is not something you truly want to be.