A Love Angel!

A love Angel came to the earth, She gave a love poetry from her own hands on a beautiful dawning day. Was she a product of a flower? Was she from a flower's womb? Am I  born to serve that flower? When she was breathing flowers blossomed.  I was in side a  flower's heart, She already had built a house inside her heart. My breathing increased because I was running in search of her, Finally manage to find her she said that my breath was her breath I was lucky our breaths were mixed. Whom relative to whom? Who knows? Had god written her name before my name on his love list? How come love on a School life? Who gave the blue for the sky? It's natural to fall in love on a School life like a blue in the sky.

neeran neeran
26-30, M
7 Responses Feb 15, 2010

Thank You!

Thanks Tilly! You too got a loving and caring heart. I appreciate what ever you say.

Neeran, you have a loving heart and an imaginative, creative power that is a gift. What a great combination! Do you think you could send some my way? I'm kind of stuck these days and need some creative energy to get me back writing. I do appreciate your new logo. It is very inspirational! Beautiful, soothing colors and and shapes and symbols that are nourishing and restful to the spirit. Thanks, also, Neeran, for your recent comment on one of my experiences. Good friend you are.

Thanks Dex!

A beautiful love story, Neeran. Thank You for sharing it.

Your 100% correct.

Lovers angels are all around us to keep us going, and to be content with ourselves and allow us to be in love with other people.