Contradictory Love (Pisces)

She is innocent and naughty
Secretive yet honest
Confused and confident
Pure yet tainted
Loved and abused
Asleep yet awake
Rich and poor
Quiet yet screams within
She sacrifices and gives life
Yet Dies to let live
Wants truth but faces a lie
And Is often the best kept secret?
Smiles when she is sad
And laughs when she is mad
& hates when she’s in love.
Because she is contradictive
Always a giver yet desires to take
Loves children pets and outreach
But no one reaches out for her.
Broken relationships that did not last
Haunts her today
Stealing her once bright future away
Robber of her innocence
Sometimes things don’t make since
She gives what she wants
Because she wants it in return
She wants love.
But she runs away from it.
Walking into memories of her tainted past
mrsdrica mrsdrica
31-35, F
4 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Wow, craps son sounds like my life. full of contradictions, and extreme highs and lows

This is so me...

So true :)