~ February 24th, 1972 @ 11:18pm ~

"Thursday's child has far to go"

~ I am truly pisces. When Goddess decided on that day that my soul was to be born to my body, that I would be a pisces....Well, She definitely knew what She was doing. Heehee!! I have read a lot on Astrology, & all of the signs. I am more Pisces then any other sign. I am also more "Rat", "Wolf" & "Fir Tree" (for the other astrologies I have looked at). I share characteristics with lots of signs, as do we all, but Pisces is my sign. I am at home in their waters........ I believe most of the time I am the fish floating downstream, I perfer to go with the flow & not make waves..... However, I am starting to learn that sometimes it is better to create waves then to swallow who you are in order to make everyone else feel better. I am starting to learn that there is a time when you should fight your way upstream...... ~

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5 Responses Mar 17, 2009

I'm a Pisces too -through and through! -and I agree with voilett8 -it is both a blessing and a curse -but I wouldn't want to be any other sign :)

Hey, we were born on the same day! Not the same year though, and I was born at 12:34pm! Cool!

yay Pisces! I'm March 9th. I haven't met a Pisces I don't like :)<br />
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I love our sign, it is a blessing and a burden, I think LOL!

I love your name,,,I think if I seen you I would know it was you,,,mary

I am a pisces too,,,born 3/11/60,,,at 430,am,,,and it fits me well too,,,Pisces has all the signs in one,,,,I am a rat too,,,I love you WynHaven,,,and I think you are a very wonderful person,,,be happy with who you are,,,love and light mary