I Am a True Wiccan

Hi im a real wiccan and Im not afraid of expresing myself,us wiccans are just normal peole and we are more similar to you than you think...

Im just giving other wiccans the chance to come out and talk about what we are about,Be safe wiccans and belevers,And please do not be afraid to speak up, we have the same rites as everyone. to live a free life. love and light.Good luck. Phoenix  x

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I am also Wiccan, and I feel really attached to this religion. I mean, it is all about morals, and nature, and all that stuff that make peopel feel good and are good.

Blessed be, my fellow wiccans, I am sorry I havent commented back on this story.or the comments posted. <br />
I have been quite busy in my life and trying to find the right devine path to take and to accomplish my goals. but recently I have been tested beyond belef and I now am trully one with myself and my spirit. <br />
Smebro, Skylightangel, Flowrpowr, RoseAngelMoondust, Dewduster and Coyotewithwings. thankyou for your comments and i hope with my help and guidance, you will be able to express yourselves as individuals and have the confidence to stand up and say, I AM A WICCAN.AND BLESSED TO BE WHO AND WHAT, I WANT TO BE. WITHOUT CONSECUENCE, WITHOUT FEAR. BUT WITH HAPPINESS AND PEACE<WE>. Love and light xxx

I agree with you. I have been on a spiritual path of loving our Earth Goddess since 1958. <br />
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I think it would be interesting to know you better and hope we can be in each other's circle...DD

Phoenix,<br />
<br />
I belive we should not hide our belifes and that people should be more open to it. I truely feel this way for I had my own experiences. (as you have read about it.) and it had just made me afraid to stend up and be prode of what I am. My mom who has been a wiccan for 4 to 5 years has told me time again not to tell anyone that I am a wiccan because we basicly live in a state that everyone here belives in one thing. <br />
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I think wicca is a truely interesting belief. It really falls in line with some of the things I believe. I would like to find out more.

I am interested in wicca.... can you guide me and give me more information?

I'm interested because I experimented with Wicca a few years back, its kinda vague in my mind now but I remember candle rituals, summoning ceremonies, grounding...I remember familiars... the 'spells'<br />
Refresh my memory, what are the core beliefs again? It has a lot to do with appreciating the natural world and emphasising that there is no such thing a true good and evil, right?<br />
I really don’t remember, how are you practising it?