Keepers of the Flame


After my drowing death experience at age 13, I went to every major church that I could find in the city that I grew up in search of a spiritual home.    I did feel closer to “god” when I was alone in the woods but I wasn’t smart enough to realize that “god” could be found in nature. I kept going to these buildings which I was told were the House of God/Worship.    Fortunately, I never found anything that felt right and I did have the good sense not to just settle for what was out there. Nor did I fall for the black mail/pressure that threatens me with eternal damnation if I didn’t bow before the ONE TRUE religion. I kept asking, which one of you IS the ONE.  

  Finally, I found the truth. In the uptown library of Denver.   I was bored. I wondered over to the Etymology section and (I was 15) began to look up the history of cuss words. The 1st word I looked up was “*****”. ***** and hour have the same root. I read that Priestess who danced the hours were the original ******. 24/7 these women would take turns dancing each hour in honor of the Goddess and Her many aspects. They also performed a ritual cleaning of warriors who returned from battle. They would clean them and give the warriors there love to help reintroduce to civilizes life…(Later I would think how badly solders returning from Vietnam could have used this kind of welcome instead of being spit on by flower girls.)  

Almost all of the words that are today used to demean women, I found, were once holy words. I knew the meaning of the words “psycholinguistic and propaganda” but I had believed they were used by people like Hitler and the Nazis. I had an epiphany. 

  I looked up the word “witch”. I discovered that in Old English [449-1066AD] shows witches as being honored as the keepers of the flame. ( source: Dictionary of Word Origins by John Ayto. Wick[OE] wick ‘burning fibre in a candle…Wicked Wicked and witch are closely related . Wicked is an extension, using the suffix-ed….Old English wicca ‘wizard’ whose feminine form is the ancestor of modern witch.)   The verb Wiccan represented either male or female or the plural of the word Witch. I knew then that I was WICCAN.  

That was in 1958. 50 years later I still know that I am WICCAN.   

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I enjoyed that very much. Bright Blessings and happy first harvest.....Hugs

fenasilvertung, I met Starhawk in Denver ~1986. We did the spiral dance with many Wiccan friends...DD

thanks for sharing all the info!!

If you don't stop, you will...DD

Yes. There is only one book in the entire world that is of any real value to your learning what you need to know about the Goddess path. The book is called “The Book of Shadows” and you must write it. “The Book of Shadows” is like a journal or diary except that it dedicated to the Goddess. I suggest that you create a “ritual” and bless the special pen and blank notebook that you will be using. I suggest you splurge a little and get a nice new pen and note book. Maybe even make a leather cover or pay to have some one make a binding for your book. <br />
<br />
Caution: No one must ever look or read your personal “Book of Shadows”.<br />
<br />
I would further suggest that you stay away from any ‘Occult Book Store”. The best place to get your basic information is in the Library. I have a BA in History and suggest you do the same if possible. Even if you are not able to go to a University you can still find a lot of information at any good Library. <br />
<br />
Make a list of all the “cuss” words that you have ever heard that are demeaning to women. You will find that many of these words were once sacred and were words of honor held by the Priestess of pre-Christian Goddess based religions. <br />
<br />
Of course I think that some of my stories have some good basic information that may point you in the right direction. I have no personal gain in my desire to help you or any one else who may be interested in the Goddess. I am 65 years old and have been a Wiccan for 43 years. All that I know has come from my personal experience and study at several accredited Colleges. <br />
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Please PM me if you think I may be of help…DD

I have always found the Wiccan religion to be interesting, but never explored it further. Could you recommend a good book on the subject?