I have not been tutoring since I started studying for my Masters.

But I have been and, if finance needs me to be, a literature tutor.

I had a delightful range of students.  My hardest working student had dyslexia and it made me very aware of the lack of provision from schools in Northern Ireland, as they merely did not want it to reflect on their statistics.  So I have tutored a number of dyslexic students due to the fact I also knew the paperwork side of things, I always fought the schools with paperwork to get additional support- which costs the school nothing and is a service that is free and provided from the education department.

I had a range of students that disliked poetry immensely and literature and basically that is why they needed a tutor, to show that the words had images, and represented more than black markings on a page.

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Feb 12, 2009