I Have Been Wearing Dr Whites, Or Fluffies As My Tv Mummy Calls Them Since Childhood L

i am in love with my fluffies for lots of reasons,

They are so useful after making love for absorbing my vaginal discharges, typically a partner's *****, if male, or lube or jelly, if a female, and thus keeping my panties devoid of any stains - no girl likes stains in her panties now do they!!

They look so pretty in ultra tite jeans or leggings, the form is visible and male and female t girl admirers have paid me the ultimate compliment when out and about of gently touching and caressing me across my bottom - now what girl doesnt like her bottom being caressed!!

At home when i am enjoying some intimate diy, i love slipping my fingers inside my panties and sliding my butt plug into its natural home knowing thaat my fluffies will hold it securely whilst i play or sleep

love u all

jessicajessica jessicajessica
41-45, T
3 Responses Aug 12, 2010

i have not been able to find any here in the states. Anyone have a source?

love all this, dr whites takes me back to my early teens when Ifirst wore them.

You sound like a wonderful woman, I was wearing 2 overnites while reading your post and for some reason they got more snug...........enjoyed it very much D