My Identical Twin Sister

I have an identical twin sister, and we both love each other so much. I can't imagine life without her, and it is hard to believe it when I hear of twins who do not get a long or even don't like each other. We have occasional fights, but even through the fights, we still love each other. We always have a good time together- even just talking. I am so thankful I have her, and she will always be here for me and I will always be there for her as other people are not.
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i lost my tqwin sister to a murder in 1987, it's the day my life changed in ways that I would never imagine possible. The agony of feeling the stab wounds miles away as she was being murdered. I felt this deep hole that I could never fill. I use to tell people we were so close that we shared two bodies one soul. We shared our life together as twins, it was a beautiful and unique relationship that we shared, there is not a day I do not think about her, memories flood my mind of the joy we shared together. I know today what it feels like when a part of your soul is missing, no matter what you do you can not heal that wound.

It kinda helps reading all this stuff. My brother an I could never live without each other. We have been living away from each other for three years now, only seeing each other during holidays.<br />
Yes, we grew up fighting a lot, but we stopped. See, we sort of like knew that no matter how much we fought, we will always make up. It's seldom the case with other people in general.<br />
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So, he's very special to me in many ways. And I love him

I am so glad to have read this! I too am an identical twin, and so many times I have had people make comments to me about the fact that we act like a married couple, and it is so TRUE. We argue and fight like a married couple. But as like most of you, we get in fights - plenty in fact. I feel like our personalities are just enough to be different that those small differences blow up in our faces and comes back to bight us in the...well you know you know where I am going with this. <br />
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We always seem to come back after the fights as if nothing had ever happened. I love her and don't know what I would ever do without her in my life. I don't know about you all, but I absolutely hate getting asked the silly questions like can you read each others minds, or do you feel her pain, but the truth is that some freaky stuff has happened to the both of us that is completely unexplainable. But I do have a question, has anyone ever felt that it would help your relationship with your sibling if you were to move apart? Sometimes I feel as though we drown each other and that is what causes our major fights, which some have sadly ended in physical fighting.

You're lucky to have that relationship with your twin! My twin and I aren't close. I can't even pinpoint when it happened that we came to have such a tough time relating to each other- especially communicating. My older sister and I are so close!<br />
To be a twin is so special... Thank you for your post.

I have an identical bro and we have fought to the point where one or the other is unconscious, I guess since we are guys that intense physical fighting would occur and it's not something to be publicly admitted, but in the end it just blows over and we're friends again. My sisters have jokingly said we argue like a married couple, and I guess I can see how that would be. I have literally been to the point of just not talking to him ever again, but in the end we somehow make up and act like nothing ever happened. All in all he is pretty much the only friend I have, we both have the exact same problems and can relate to one another other than being twin siblings. I don't think I could ever carry on with living without him being some sort of presence in my everyday life.

:O You don't fight with your sister at all?<br />
I'm always fighting with mine!<br />
Hi, I'm Tina (Not my real name!)(For my own privacy)!<br />
I have to admit, even though most of the time me and my sister don't get along, I still couldn't live without her. It would be strange and lonely...<br />
Also there are things that wouldn't have happened without her, things that wouldn't happen to me...<br />
I love my times... :L