Is This Normal?

Twins normally grow apart as they age.
That was what my old counselor who was also a twin told me, but i am still wondering if it is a common occurrence. I have been 16 for a month. Last year my twin entered high school and changed into a completely different person. She has done so many horribly stupid things since than that have made those changes all the more apparent. I thought we were a single soul dwelling in two bodies until that time, but i might have been wrong. We still like most of the same stuff, and i still care about her allot more than i like to admit, but i still feel like she's a stranger that i almost hate. Long story short, when she quit school and ran away to her new boyfriend during i time that i had nowhere to go and no one to turn to (i was crazy during the time) i actually thought that the person who did so much to hurt me was a wraith who killed my real sister and took on her form.
I know now that she is still my sister, but i feel like something special that i we had before is no longer there. We used to be connected. Since we were children we've experienced the phenomenon labeled "Twin telepathy" where we would say things at the same time, finish each others sentences, have the same dreams, and do and say all sorts of things to demonstrate that the their was an invisible portal that connected our thoughts. I feel as though that was such along time ago.

Is all this an inevitability that all twins face? If so, does it ever get easier?
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My twin brother and I never had any "telepathy" thing happening, thank god. As a matter of fact we have never shared anything, except a resentment of the other.

I have a twin brother. This has happened recently between us as well. I think that it is destined for most twins to grow apart as we grow. My brother and I still experience a sixth sense but we arn't inseparable like we were when we were young.