I'm A Non-identical Twin

but still a twin none the less, and it REALLY gets to me when everyone assumes twins = has to look the same. i get "you don't look much like her do you?" and i think to my self... "well no way, could be due to i'm... i dunno... a male?" lol :p
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2 Responses Apr 16, 2012

My youngest brother and sister are twins but do not look alike too! They are 26 years old now; he is tall and thin and she is short and chubby; they bothe have brown hair and a dimple in the chin and cheek; she has green eyes and he has blue.

Yeah, there are some 'smart' people out there asking me,' why y'all dont look alike? or do you wear the same things all the time? She's Caramel coloured and i'm Mocha....DUH! we don't look alike...