Lol. Not a lot of people know this about me, and by that, I mean people on here.
Yes I am a Twin. xD That means there is another one of me, but damn, we are so different... and then again, kind of alike.
Before you think of anything, we are not the type of Twins to be 'Best Friends' and crap, we like eachother but not like that.
I will tell you the differences-
- We are not Identical, she has a different smile, slightly chubbier and has lower cheekbones
- She dyed her hair dark purple, it looks cool but I prefer natural
- She is like me, but she goes to a completly diff school. It is wierd as when we were born, she was classed as 'gifted' idk how they even guess that she is, but she is, and she goes to this completly diff school but ppl at my sch know her as went to my sch for 2 years
- We both like the same music
- We both have the same texture of like hair
.. Thats it xD
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May 15, 2012