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Well.. I'm not actually sure that I'm a twin or not anymore. I mean... Technically, I never even knew my twin. He was born dead. His name would have been Logan Ian *InsertSurenameHere*. It would have been cool to have a sibling my age.. my other one is double my age and long gone out of our house. To have someone to be there when my mom beats me or calls me .. not so nice things, ... it would be so amazing. I mean.. I love my sister to death, but she hardly answers her phone, and its not like I can just call or text her when my mother is drunk and beating me.
Most of my friends say they hate their siblings. I think most that say that take it for granted that they have them... because even though I never met him, I still lost my twin. I wish he was still alive... It would make my life a lot less stressful. And exciting.(: I mean I'm sure that we'd fight. Most siblings do... but either way, right?
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My sister and I are identical twins and we fight like crazy!! Haha, but at the end of the day we love each other! It's a cool experience... but if your mom abuses you, you should probably tell someone dont you think?!

Haha yeah it would have been cool if he had survived... I miss having a sibling around the house! But yeah its more complicated than that... i don't feel the pain anymore. Its just irritating. I'm happy to have ep to vent on though...!

Haha I bet! They can get under your skin, but they can also be there to have some fun and give some great advice! But yeahh I bet it is complicated.. but the pain being numb is already too far. If you need anything just let me know, message me or something just to talk even! Haha I'm happy to have ep to vent on too, especially with my boyfriend being in the Navy!