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The Other Half Of Me ...


Originally posted June 2012.  Edited May 2013 for style and to remove a geographic reference.  Edited November 2013 to remove names of actual people in my life

Most people don't understand what it means to be a twin beyond the level of "in the womb at the same time". My brother and I are so alike it is freaky sometimes and yet we are polar opposites. And, no, that was not a contradiction.

We don't complete each other's sentences, we complete each other's existence. There are aspects of the human personality or psyche that I did not need to develop because he was there and vice versa. You cannot truly know either one of us unless you know the other.

He has this uncanny ability to read people. Within seconds of meeting you, he has formed an opinion of you and your intentions in this world and I have never known his first impressions to be wrong. I, on the other hand, tend to trust everyone I meet and I have been burned several times as a result. Here’s the strange part: if we meet you together then I know his opinion of you without speaking to him, without looking at him, without even exchanging a glance. Fair warning to my next boyfriend, before we go out on our first date, you will meet my brother and he better like you.

He also seems to always know my mood or condition whether we are together or not (curiously, I don’t seem to have any analogous ability in his direction). I was hurt bad once in taekwondo and I was there with just my dad. My brother was home with mom and pestered and pestered her until she agreed to call my dad. I was fine, but he wouldn’t calm down until we spoke on the phone. I’m pretty good at hiding my moods and pain level from just about anybody; then along will come my twin not asking if I am okay, but asking what it is that is bothering me.

He’s also the one person in the world that I know has my back no matter what. There was an incident a couple years ago when one of my now ex-bf’s was making claims about his supposed conquest of me. My best friend came up to me and asked if it was true; she doubted it was, but was not sure. I saw my brother a little later and he just walked up to me calmly and said, "Hey, you know jerkface is going around lying about you, right? You need me to help at all?" I broke down crying and gave him the biggest hug that day right in the middle of the cafeteria and it must have lasted a full minute.

I could tell you we are close, but that can describe the normal closeness that many families, ours included, share. What we are is two sides of the same coin, two halves of the same whole, and I cannot imagine life any other way.

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That is incredible, and such a blessing that you two have each other.

Thanks. It really is a blessing. :-)

Hence why I wish I was a twin! People say me and my brother look alike, and we are often asked if we are twins, but we are totally opposite. We drive each other absolutely crazy! It would be nice to have a twin sister though and share that bond you two have to well.

Well my twin brother and I actually look nothing alike. People have trouble believing we are siblings, never mind twins. That is, until they get to know us. We do that whole completing each other's thoughts thing and even mannerisms and a whole lot more. But no, we don't look alike.

Sorry to hear that you and your bro drive each other crazy. Is it getting better as you get older? Has it always been that way? How old is he?

My brother is 17, 15 months older than me. It's nothing too bad, just the regular squabble and irritating moments. It's been this way since I can remember. We've never really been ones to get along with each other for too long. My mum thinks it stems from when I was born and brought home, my brother asked for me to be taken back to the hospital and I wasn't. Perhaps he's always subconsciously disliked me because of that.

Ohhh! That's awful! "Mommy, take her back to the hospital!" Lol.

Well, I only have my experience to draw on, but I think having a brother you are close to is one of the most excellent things a girl can have so next time you see him, give him a hug and tell him you forgive him for wanting to return you!!! ;-)

I wish I could but we quite literally never touch each other. We have bubbles around each other that only we can see. I have a half brother I haven't seen since 2011 too. Hence why I have always wanted a little sister!

All the more reason to do it in my mind. Burst that bubble and let him know you appreciate him as your brother and even though he's a pain in the neck (or someplace lower) that you sill have his back. ;-)

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I see what you mean better after reading this. That's going to be with you forever. It's fantastic how comforting that is.

Thanks, I sure hope so!

What a cool bond to have with your brother. I hope you both can stay in each-others lives as you continue down this path of life.

Me too!

Yeah I know the longest fight my brother and I ever had was for a couple of days. It was when my brother got mad at me because I didn't tell him theguy I liked. I didn't tell him because it was his bestfriend Tyler. I didn't want things to be acward. And I got mad at him because he didn't believe or understand me when I told him you wouldn't want to know.

Sorry I missed your comment here almost a year ago!!! I try to respond to all story comments.
But yeah, in that case I can see why your bro got a bit upset, but a couple days is excessive and you can tell him I said so!! ;-) We had little fights years ago, but we've never really ever kept secrets from each other and that has prevented any big fights I think.

Have you guys ever had a fight I mean my twin brother and I are very close but we had a couple of fights

Not really. At least not in a very very long time. We tend to stick together and get our way at home!! ;-)

Aw u guys would represent my brother and I if u were 14. Add me

Are you 14 or 26? I'm confused. Your profile says you're older??

You are lucky to have each other and I wish for you too stay that close when you'll start to be apart from each other more often. And when it comes to staying in touch and his laziness with words... twins can communicate telepathically, right? Or was that just in a movie I saw? ;)

Haha, yes we do speak telepathically but either my receiver is broken or he has his transmitter turned off because it only works in one direction. :-/

So... when are you going to get him to create an ep account? I think we all need to meet him. ;)

Haha, good luck with that. Where I tend to the verbose (ideal for EP) he is quite comfortable living with Twitter's 140 character limit (and yes. sometimes that's a daily limit for him). He's been on here with me and has seen a lot of what I do and write here, including this story.

I was going to ask you for his Twitter username... but then I remembered how much I hate Twitter. So never mind. :)

Yeah and that would also poke a hole in the wall I've placed around my EP life. So, as much as I think you're a nice guy and all, I could never do that. :-)

Well my understanding was that you also have placed a wall around your Twitter account. But I guess Kevin hasn't.
You know, the are lots of people on ep who don't write stories. He could just get on and hang out in the Q&A section. That is actually a lot like Twitter. I think he would like it... plus no hole poked in the wall. :)

Hmmm. Interesting. That would be kinda cool. I'll ask him.

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"We don't complete each other's sentences, we complete each other's existence." That may be the most beautiful thing i ever see one person write about another! It brings tears to my eyes...

Awwww, thanks Yulia! But, yes, we are very close and I couldn't imagine life without him. That's why I'm worried about next month so much.

I know he is you and you are him! But with you 1 + 1 = 5 (at least)

Lol, thanks. ;-)

sorry, maybe i mean 10... or 100... or 1000000000000000000000000!!

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the twins connection is something that has always fascinated me. probably having seven pairs of them in my family has something to do with that lol.

my father was a twin but oddly enough, all the other pairs are from my mothers side of the family. most of them have the connection that you describe. when I'm with them, I always get the feeling that the rest of the world is somehow just a little bit outside, just a little bit excluded from what's going on between them.

two of the pairs, however, couldn't be more indifferent to each other if they were not related at all. go figure lol

Yeah, I don't understand twins that aren't close to their twin. I know some like that and I just have to scratch my head; they are missing out on one of my greatest blessings.

Amazing! You have twin brother! OMG that is wonderful! Someday i really want to meet two of you together would be like to be with one super-person!

Lol Yulia, you're so funny. We'd love to meet you too!

OK already i look forward to it! xxx

That's so sweet lol hope my children are the same way i even teared a little (which is bad because im at work lol). Im more excited about meeting them now, and ill ensure they get along too ;)

Awwww, I don't want to make anyone cry! I'm glad you liked it though :-)

Wow, that is SO cool. I'm extremely close with my sister but it doesn't compare with this. :) It's awesome to have someone that close.

It really is T. Most people don't understand us, but I always know there is at least one person in the world that always has my back, no matter what.

That's uncanny, & also very convient. It must be great having someone in your life.

Haha, yeah it is actually.

That is so sweet. You say your brother is great but I think his sister must be as awesome.

Haha, thank you sir!

Ouch. You are welcome but just made me feel old! LOL well I am. It is a truly special bond that twins can have between each other. Don't get in too much trouble on here! Stay sweet.

woo, that's amazing !!! You guys will be best friends forever! how lovely it is *3*

Hey Pooky! Yes we will, that I know. It truly is awesome knowing there is always someone that has my back no matter what (even when I am wrong!)

What an awesome relationship you have with your brother! Imagine the bond your children will have with his children one day.

Hi Riley -- wow I hadn't thought of that but yes I am sure they will be very close. That's one more benefit!

You're lucky to have each other. Very lucky, indeed.

Thanks Rob! And yes, we are!