My Sister And I Are Total Opposites

When we came along we already had three much older siblings and after we were born two years later our younger sister was born from birth we have always been different she is petite like my mother and was really sickly as a child I on the other hand took after our father tall and athletic and very much the tomboy I was always put in charge of the house when our parents were away I was responsible for the actions of my twin sister as well as my younger sister she was never worried about getting into trouble so she was very wild and rebellious she had wanted to join the military after high school but because of her health they made her wait until she was nineteen before she could enlist by this time she had been married and divorced and had a child so she left him in the care of my parents because I was still living at home I did a lot of the things with the him like school outings going to parks museums etc after being in the military for a few years she remarried and had a second child she brought her home to my parents she stayed in the military where she divorced and remarried for the third time while stationed in Germany and the harsh weather caused her to start having respiratory problems so she was medically discharged after fifteen years by this time her children were in their teens and wanted to stay with my parents she divorced her third military husband and continued to live like she didn't have children and I continued to pick up her slack to this day even though I now have two adult children and grandchildren her children still depend on me to help them with their life issues she always jokes about her son being my first born child I was raised to be responsible for everyone and now at fifty-one years old I have decided that I have had enough.
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Jun 27, 2012