I Was More Of A Shadow

When me and my twin sister where kids she was always Miss Perfect.She was a A student,I was a C student.She was Miss Popular,I was the dork with two friends.I think I got into the spotlight a few times and now that we are both grown up we don't talk anymore.She grew out her hair long and I cut it,we see each other at days like Christmas,Thanksgiving and special events but I just avoid her.
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I'm sure thats how my brother and I will turn out. We're completely different. When we were a bit younger I was usually jealous of him. He was better at school and sports and he was friendlier. He always had the spotlight, even with my parents. Now that we're older we go to different school completely, and barely talk. People don't know that I have a twin. I guess I'm just saying that I understand.

well, even twins have to have an identity