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The Story of Kayla and Kelsey =0)

On a cold night in pittsburgh pennsylvania 3:38am two twins were born.They were born premature so they had to stay in the hospital for a couple of
months, so their mother left the hospital and never came back to get them from there. But she did leave a number for the doctors to call, the women who came and got them was their sweet loving aunt vicki the angel who will watch over them and keep them safe from harm. story to be continued....
KaylaPetrova92 KaylaPetrova92 22-25, F 7 Responses Feb 9, 2013

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Yay aunt Vicki!!!

Seriously? Kudos to Aunt Vicki

Yes, seriously why would I lie?

Well, I guess I wasn't accusing you of lying ... I just say that when I'm surprised especially when it starts out as a somewhat tragic story. But it's good to hear you had an angel watching over you and your sister.

awww thank you ^_^.

Who is older?:)


Thats cool!:)

Can't wait for the continuation, I am also a twin, we were also premature, I was in an incubator for 30 days, my brother for 10, I think. But my twin is no longer with us, he passed on in 2011. The other coincidence here is 2 of my children were born in Pittsburgh! :)

thats so sad. but its good to see aunt vicki took her place.

yes i love my aunt shes like a mother to me =)

im glad you see her that way. im sure she sees you both as her daughters also. so many kids dont have someone like your aunt to take care of them and god only knows where they end up..

yeah . it was her and my grandparents =)

.,, where's the continuation?

lol its coming up soon =)

May I ask how soon is that?

lol when i get around to it.

ahaha, ok.
I think I'll ask my twin sister to write our story too.

cool i'll take a look at it if you want me to =)


ok =)

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Oh my !! CONTINUE ... CONTINUE ... CONTINUE !!!! :)

i will its just kinda a really lol story and i have other stories to right =)

Okay :D

i mean write lol sorry

It's cool :)

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