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The Pains That Come With Being a Twin.


Many of us who have brothers or sisters will know just how frustrating it can be to get along at times.    Well just imagine how much worse it would be to try and get along with a fraternal twin, and trust me I know, I’m talking from my own experience of being a twin. 


I have countless people come up to me with a dreamy look in their eyes saying “I wish I was a twin – I would love to have someone my own age to play with.”  


I have no doubt you’re imagining those famous movie twins from ‘The Parent Trap’, or ‘Finding Mary Kate and Ashley’  Their dazzling identical smiles and exotic twin powers are enough to charm the pants off anyone!


When I say ‘twins’ you probably think of identical twins with matching clothes.       

You know, the type who finish off each others sentences and know exactly what the other is thinking. Yes, there are some twins who really do act like that - I’m not denying it; I’ve met twins like that myself and have found them dizzying to look at let alone talk to.


However it is a common prejudice that people think all twins will be identical, cute, and mirror personalities of each other.  In most cases this image is very wrong!


I for one do not have this mirror image kind of relationship with my sister and at the worst of times it can be a much, much uglier picture.


Have you ever really stopped to think of what it is like to be a twin?


    Imagine You and your ‘twin’ are screaming loud enough to raise the entire neighbourhood at five in the morning because you can’t decide who is to wear the rainbow undies.   

   Imagine having your hair yanked out because you were naughty and used her favourite red marker.

   Imagine being made to take the blame for something you didn’t do just because your twin sister lied and said you did it. It will always be her word against yours.

   Imagine how your friends will forever be comparing you to your sister.       

   Imagine always being defined as “The Twins”

    Imagine always having to compete against your ‘other’.   Having a twin is like having a shadow that will never leave you alone,


 That is what having a twin is like for me.  My sister and I are two incredibly different individuals.  We look completely different, we talk differently, we act differently and have separate beliefs and values.  We have different interests - most of them at extreme opposite ends of the scale. I was always more of an intellectual who excelled academically whereas my sister enjoys physical activity.     No matter how different we were, we still had to share our room, our toys, our clothes, our school, our class, our friends, and its no wonder that we spelled double trouble!  If we had just been two classmates we wouldn’t have thought twice about befriending each other we’re just too different.


Unlike classmates though, we don’t have the choice of ‘not’ knowing each other.  We are forced to endure each others company everyday.  


We drive each other around the twist and what usually starts off as a little tiff can turn into a violent fight.


Relief, relief by high school we were to much for our parents and were split into different schools.     I revel in those hours when I can pretend I don’t have a twin.  But at the end of the day she is always there barging through my bedroom door and accusing me of ‘stealing’ something that belonged to her when actually it was given to both of us.  


We spent our entire childhood sharing things and there were times when we wanted to have our own things that we could rightfully say was 'mine' instead of 'ours'.  Somehow it never quite worked out that way.


To this very day my sister always seems to think she has a right to help herself to my underwear whenever she can’t find her own.  She always thinks she can just nip into my room and take my headphones. Its very irritating to find my sister has taken something just when I want it most!   I guess  we have grown so used to having to share things she doesn't quite know where to draw the line   I tell her once in a nice tone not to do it. I try to be nice and understanding when really all I want to do is rip her head off.  I tell her twice in a stern tone, I try to be angry and threatening, I tell her a million times “Don’t take my things, they are not yours”  yet she still doesn’t get the message!


 Its drives both of us insane when we unknowingly cross each other’s line.   It has driven me to put a lock on my bedroom door.  (she has taken to climbing through my window now)


  Who said twins had to like each other?  How on earth did people come up with the idea that twins would be the best of friends and live happily ever after?  


With your friends you can atleast send them home when you get tired of them.  I can’t just ‘send’ my sister away when I get tired of her. I have to live with it. We will always be tied together by our birthdays and genes.


 Please, tell me you don’t want a twin after all I’ve said?   If you do, you are probably a deluded nutcase!

Having a twin can drive you insane to the point where your bed time reading becomes the home security catalogues!


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I know right! I have a twin and she drives me bonkers! I'm sturdier built, as I help my dad fix fencecs, carry heavy poles, an work on the barn. I'm short, but I'm broad shouldered. My twin is tall and skinny,as she doesn't do anything but sit on the computer. Everyone likes her more than me just because I beat them at arm wrestling, don't wear make up, nd aren't as skinny as my twin. Even my bestfriends now likes her over me. (We aren't best freinds anymore)

I'm an identical twin who's trying to establish my identity as ME, and this really describes everything I feel and what I'm living. My twin and I have gone to the same school with the same friends and teachers for 10 straight years, and so everyone knows us as just "the twins," when we're really so different, but not even my best friends see it! It's good to know that I'm not the only one who finally agrees with me!

Hello my name is Inaja and I am doing a paper on twins and I wanted to know can I ask you three questions on being a twin?

It's fine with me. What do you want to know?

I have a twin sister and we usually get along well but sometimes we have big arguments over stupid things. We're very different from each over, she's loud, I'm quiet.
We share a room and have the same friends so we are around each over nearly all the time.
The worst thing is when she always wants to invite our friends to our house but I can't be bothered :(
We are also constantly referred to as 'the twins' which annoys me.
I can't wait to go to university so I can make my own friends. I know it's selfish but I hope she won't make friends with the people I meet at uni. I want more individuality!

Same here! I totally get it!

i know how you feel i have a twin sister too and every one knows me as one of the 'twins' my name is hania and her name is zinia people dont give a **** , to them my name is 'Hania ,Zinia' and so is hers . they dont think its really necessary to take the time and notice how different we are to me in pictures we look extremely different to them its like i took a picture with a mirror !

I know how you feel me and my brother are twins sadly much like you and your sister. We look nothing alike, we have nothing in common. I am 23 and I still have to share a room with him. He takes my things, eats my food, and he has taken my money on a few occaisions because he said it wasn't fair that I had money and he didn't even though I worked for it. My some of my recent friends when they hear I'm a twin go on about how lucky I am to have a twin and how they wish they had one. If only they knew that meant not having your own birthday, or high school graduation, or even something a simple as a room to call your own. I am a twin and I hate it and I hate him.

i know right? i mean a birthday is supposed to be My day not Our day ! other siblings can say "be nice to me its my birthday today" but i cant even say anything about well..anything

Was writing something on twins when I bumped into this. Didn't know it's that bad. I'm guilty of treating twins as unit, now I'll have to change.

I'm not even a twin and I NEVER treated twins as a unit! I don't understand why people do that?!

I absolutely 110% agree.

 I have a fraternal twin sister, and I don't like it. I hate being called as "the twins" or "the sisters". I also hate when ppl are talking to me and using plural. i want to be seen as an individual :(. since childhood we are inseparable but not with our choice, same highschool, now same university, what can we do, we have the same interests :/... reason i ended up on this site is because lately i have been depressed since it turned out the guy I like for three years already, likes my sister! sad part is that even though we are fraternal twins, we are very simillar and to ppl is hard to believe that we are not identical... so why the hell did he choose my sister instead?! He is always saying to my sister that she is "the cheerful one" which is entirely not true, he got that impression just because I like him, and we all behave a bit different in front of those we like. she doesn't like him, which is a plus but doesn't mean anything as it appears I already lost the battle. I don't know what to do anymore! Continue liking him or just admit my defeat and move on. My sister is trying to help me by getting him hang out with us more, but at the same time it means he gets to spend more time with her and getting to know her, I'm just waiting for the day when he'll think of me only as an unwanted extra in the way >.<"

My twin ruined a year of my life : I'm 17 and I have an identical twin brother (well, the doctors never could tell. but we look very similar) I think being a twin is great! There are alot of advantages if you get along. It means that ive always had a best freind since I was born and we laugh and joke alot. I have complete faith in him and alot of people fdont have that in someone. We are extremly close twins perhaps because our dad died when we were 9 which meant our family was really close.

Generally speaking, I am probably more academic than him and more sporty but I am much lees motivated and work less but often i achieve better results. In my exam year at school I suffered alot because of him. He stressed the entire family out whilst studying and he turned his study time into a fulls scale lifestyle choice. He would isolate himself socially and worked every minute evry hour- he eventually failed because he was suffering from axiety and insomnia because of his stress. I did better than him in the results but they werent outstanding. It was because he made me study like he did nd he made me isolate myself, he bullied me into starting new courses, weeks before the exams! just so that i would achieve more highly. It was ludicrous but i can never say no to him. So really he messed my exam year up and it pissed me off. but he failed badly ad had problems so i never got on at him about it.

I got my first girlfreind(she was a bomb shell) after my exams and I spent most of the summer with her- he tagged along sometimes and it really pissed me off, he was pretty jelous as well. He didnt approve of her however, he made me think all the bad things about her were true. We broke up because I started to believe that she was a bad person and he tried to break us up the whole time- I loved her and it has been a hard few months after the break up. He always lectures me about morality as well and wants me to be like him. This year has shown me that we need to grow apart and I need to be able to make my own decisions.

However, now that we have started a new school year. We have started fighting really badly. Soemtimes we live in other famly members hoouses to get a break.

but now He has backed the **** off. He wants to be different people just as much as I do which is quite relievin g and now we are separating. He is going to study law and i'm going to study politics with law. We both have very similar interests in that respect. But we will be going to different universities now which means for the first time I can make friends without being a twin!

I also dont have loads of freinds at the moment, in the early school years he began to fall out with a lot of people and I had to defend him. I wasnt going to be freinds with people who were mean to him! So his enemies bcame my enemies and eventually I found it hard to make feinds. Of course ive had plenty of frends in the past. But I dont have many friends right now because I was forced into isolation and im just raisng my social status aagain. but he still manages to fall out with people and it makes it hard. Im not a loner or anything. plenty people like me and i chat to alot of people but its hard when hees a recluse and he comes up to me chatting. I feel bad for him thoough. he seems happy on his own though and he is feircly confident in certain situatons, when managing a team and giving public speeches. he is a great leader, a great military leader infact. He is a very competant and driven person.

I think that if you are a twin you tend not to make as many ffreinds, esepcially if you have some difficulty. You can just have your twin as your freind its easier just to rely on them rather than forge freindships. It is only now when we have sepertaed that I have started to feel lonely and it has forced me to go out and make new friends. Which is what I have done. Im much more outgoing and social now and i have more social oppertunities.

My advice to any other twins? Make a genuine effort to become an individual and try to dissasociate yourself while you still can. Do it nnow, go for it. It will make it easier to make big decisions because I am used to consulting my twin to see what he thinks. Its debilitating really. So I will seperate and forge a better life for myslef and I will not be brought down by him. And he wont be brught down by me. We need to learn to let each other fail and succeed at our own peril. but support each other when we need to.

You know another thing that annoys me. He thinks he ahs rights to girls and there attention if they like me! he has a sense of entighltment! it reaally anoys me.

Anyway, thanks for reading guys!

I feel exactly the same way. When I first got my first boyfriend, I found out she (my twin) had started talking to him behind my back. We broke up, nd now everyone has her in center of attention. I always feel left out, which is why I now have a fear of talking to people, people looking at me, or even when my bestfriend talks to me. Having a twin has ruined my WHOLE life. It really ****** me off.

being a twin can be weird but blaming your twin ( and I am a twin) because some random guy stopped liking you is kinda ridiculous my twin sister makes me crazy and 'm pretty sure i make her crazy too but she's ruining your life girl? think you need a deep breath or counseling

Just remember, instead of being their enemy, they might just need a friend. They probably feel the exact same way. I have befriended my fair share of pairs and it usually turns out that they feel the same way on both sides of the equation.

I have a twin sister and sometimes we fight (which is normal) and other times we get along really well, we share our opinions about our classmates. The thing that we both hate the most is being called "The Twins", as you said! This is so annoying and saddening... I hate being called "Hey, Twin! Come here!" or "Twins, did you do this..." They think we are one person, hello, we are TWO DIFFERENT individuals! They put us under a common denominator! We dont look alike, we have different personalities and attitude, its so unfair... They should treat us as two different classmates, but i guess its just impossible, since we're always together and inseperable. >:'(

It's good that you have started to type out these feelings to let them out, but now it's time to get them into the air around us. Instead of bottling up your anger, you need to take a deep breath and have a serious discussion with your twin about what annoys you and what doesn't. Then, whether you're standing alone or with your twin, tell your classmates gently that you dislike being called this or when they do this, etc. If they still do not stop, then tell a teacher, your parents, or just tell them more seriously. The first step to being an individual is standing up for your opinions.

Oh my gosh YES!!! And when I try to tell them to stop, they just get pissed off and ask me why I'm such a jerk. I am so glad SOMEONE finally, AUTHENTICALLY understands instead of the old, 'yeah I get it.' when they really don't care.

I'm a girl with a twin brother. As a child it was always look after your brother ur 9 minutes older so ur more mature... (seriously) I also go to feel my brothers pain which is bloody great being in agony cause my assshole brother got in a fight. Also I'm a girl so I should clean up after him I should also be a girl wear girly things and play girly games. I was a better boy than my brother was! Then we grow up. I'm taking care of my mom and despite having barely enough to feed myself I was paaying for food for my mom cause while I was off studying by brother was bludging and leaving my mom broke and with no food despite the fact he had a full time job paying out a grand or more a week... but he needed his drugs and alcohol and mom was too scared to kick him out. Enventualy he leaves to join a gang and instead gets his *** thrown in prision. So being the nice person I am I give him some money for barthroom crap and magazines until I find outhe spent it on drugs. When he gets out I buy him a phonecharger write his cv get him some pants for work but get told I'm disrepecting him cause he can't handle a little dumb blonde joke (he isn't even blonde) and so I tell him to find someone else to use and abuse (I had previously had a protection order on him as he used to beat me black and blue and never apologized once) and now I again get to feel like I've been punch in the eye because he got into a fight even though I have cut him out completely. All the whyle getting told 'you have a twin! That's soo cool'

im a twin in 7th grade and I want to do something different than her but my parents wont let me

It depends, I think your problem is your twin is a prat, pardon my french. She sounds like any other sibling. I don't have a twin but I have a baby sister born the day after me (twelve years apart), I don't care that our birthdays sometimes get lumped together or if she borrows my stuff. From the sound of it both you and your sister need to grow up a little and learn to settle your difference as family and not blame it on you being 'twins'.

I think that it depends on the family experience to determine how being a twin would feel. I am a twin, and we look SUPER alike... To other people that is... We both say we look SO different! Anywho, I love being a twin. Yes, I have ranted off to my mom and sister multiple times about how we are individuals, and not just "The Girls" Or "The Twins", but it is not extremely bad, and sometimes I like it. For instance, one of my role models calls us the twinners, and so does our dad, but they can tell us apart too!

Personally, I think the hardest thing about being a twin, is when people like your twin more than than you. It used to really hurt my feelings, but now, I have matured a little bit... (I am a teenager) And it does not bother me as much. But really, it can hurt. We both are really good friends with a boy, and he really likes us... and whenever he chat's with my sister, he says she is beautiful, and says: Love you at then end, but still... That does not matter. You don't need to be involved in relationships in high school. worry about that stuff later, and you can just have fun!

Also, my sister is DEFINITElY the good one at school... We are Home schooled/charter schooled, and at the charter school, she gets 90-100% on tests... And I usually get around... 66-80%... even though I work just as hard as her. And she is really good at writing poems, but I am better than her at running, and doing hair. She is also the quieter one... Seriously. I just got worse this month. She used to be as outgoing as me, but now she is so quiet that in some classes, she almost cries when the teacher calls on her to talk in front of the class. (This has nothing to do with the fact that we are homeschooled) And I am the outgoing one.... I pretty much make all of our friends... But we share friends, and none of our really good friends like either more.

Another fun thing about being a twin is some of the questions... While sometimes it's really embarrassing when people make it a huge deal that we are twins, sometimes when people ask us questions, it's really hard not to laugh! One boy asked us if "If I punch you? Will she feel it??" And we were just like: I dunno, why don't you try? Uh. NO! And some people ask if we have telepathy and stuff. Although we DO finish each others sentences occasionally, it is super rare, and we say things at the same time a lot, and whenever we do, people exchange weird glances... it's kind of annoying, while at the same time, funny!

I am sooo lucky to be a twin! I know a lot of people hate being twins, and that's okay. I used to be going down that road. With twins, you are not just automaticly friends, you have to become friends! It's fine to tell people they are lucky to be twins! Because they are! Just look at life optimistically! Although, in some cases, I completely understand how you would not like your twin. I think the only thing that really buggs me about my twin is her obvious inability to keep secrets. I tell her EVERYTHING, some things a little more embarrassing than others... And she blurts them out at the dinner table!!! And we always have a crush on the same person... (At least the majority of the time) And she is the only person who I can go crazy with completely. I LOVE HER!...Just sayin..... So yeah. Being a twin is AWESOME!

I think like you too. I have a non-ıdentical twin and ı love her. I feel really comfortable around her and tell everything No matter how emberassing it is and she keeps them. From our childhood we shared everything and my best memories are with her. We understand each other the best.
We don't look similar and we have different interests like she is more academic and ı like arts more. I hate people comparing us like she is clever you are not but it is not her fault. Also sometimes we fight and our fights are really ABD like she broke my tailbone:( ı really love her and ı am very happy to have a twin

Being a twin is lucky if you can treat eachother civilly, not as one unit, try not to compete with eachother, and be best of friends....try to enjoy this companionship and revel in your differences...not what makes you identical! Have friends and family call you by your respective names, not use "the twins" and try to have sepaerate classes and hobbies unique to yourselves!

Amen! I'm an identical twin and I hate it. Me and my twin sister were, supposedly, born from the same zygote. So everything about us, genetically, is exactly the same. Our body types are exactly the same and our mentalities our exactly the same. But! We are two completely different people as individuals. Seriously, we are NOTHING alike. I'm more rough around the edges, a tomboy who's into punk anything and everything. I'm mellow in a loner type of way and I don't have many friends. My sister is more of a girly-girl and is more talkative and popular. She likes hip hop and R&B and hates the genres I listen to. She has more friends and is more social. She's more colorful and upbeat. I'm more kept to myself, and I'm comfortable that way. I'm satisfied. She steady calls me weird. She thinks I'm a hippie because I'm so mellow and stay true to my own beliefs. I spread peace and don't let anyone tell me who to be. I really don't care how I look. Appearance isn't important to me and I know I'm not even attractive. So why try? My sister does care about appearance and, in my opinion, tries too hard to look good. She does manage to look much better than me even though we look just alike. She dresses up when we go to the grocery store and I always make fun of her. I literally get ready for school in five minutes. If even that long. I throw my hair in a bun and where a t-shirt, jeans, and converse. She has a more diverse sense of style. But I'm more laid back. But still, though we're greatly different, we're always being compared and it sucks! It eats me alive! It gnaws at my bones! I can never be defined as an individual. I'm always called twin, or my twin's name, or both of our names. I'm never called just by my name. NEVER!!!! I hate being a twin so much. My whole life I've had to share everything! I never look forward to my birthday because I have to share it. The only thing I don't share is the things I buy. And I can't be unique because my twin is obsessed with my creativeness and every time I come up with a cool idea for a project or just anything, she always ALWAYS steals it and people just happen to notice it and appreciate it more when she does it, but not me. I will admit that people like her better because she's nicer. But she's a pushover and doesn't know how to say no. And she smiles more. I'm not so friendly but I'm not mean. People always call me the mean twin. But I'm not mean, I'm a realist. Gosh! I hate it so much. It's like a plague that'll never leave my blood, no matter how far away from her I am, I'm still a twin. I always be a twin and it sucks so much. I swear after high school, I know for a fact we're not going to the same college. I want to hopefully go to a college where I don't know anyone so I can make new friends who don't know I have a twin. And I won't tell them I'm a twin because I don't have to. When you're a twin, you're treated as a twin. When you're treated as a twin, you're not treated as an individual.

I have a twin and i hate it, always have, being called Twin instead of my name was the bane of my school life. i purposely attended a different college to my sister so i could not be a 'twin'. Totally agree with everything you say

I have an identical twin brother, it's even worse because we look the same- WHATEVER he does is reflected on me. Aside from the fact I'm a guy yeah, this article is completely correct. Having a twin is hell. Literally Hell.

I'm an identical twin and I totally see where you're coming from! I always think of it like my sister is my best friend and WORST enemy. She so obviously hates being similar to me that it really hurts sometimes. I hate being so similar, but at the same time will never have someone else who understands how I think so well.

My twin sister was dux of our school, and is now studying medicine. Nothing I do will ever measure up to that kind of dedication, apparently. It's really hard being seen as the "dumb one", when ACTUALLY we have identical DNA and are equally intelligent (or have equal potential). I just make different choices.

It's nice to know other people are as frustrated as I am, but I want to remind people that although it is easy to hate your twin, it's not their fault for being your twin, and they probably feel the same way as you. Remember all the good times you've had together when no one was around to judge you as "the twins". Just give each other the space to be individuals.

I totally agree with this article, I am a fraternal sister beats me up when I say no to her, she takes my crap without permission like shoes, I have to get on her about taking care of her summer homework, she is very opposite of me. I am weak , she is strong (physically) I like to be alone and watch my anime, while she hangs out with her 2 best friends all the time and I have a bunch of friends but we hardly hang out because we r so busy. she has 15 pets to take of ( mostly aquatic animals) and I have just my cat. we only agree on a few things, like tv shows (Doctor Who). She dresses up like a boy with long hair with odd shoes ( Joker Shoes from the first batman). I had to cut my hair really short like a guys to stop being called by her name but they still mix us up. my sister is lazy she only does sports for 2 weeks and gives up. but my sister is much nicer to others and helps out while I am on my computer or ipod alone. we also are very different on things we like, I like new things and she likes antiques. it is VERY HARD & PAINFUL to be a twin. we have to share everything and we when we play spoons (a card game) we play together ONCE and we won every single round they always separate us because we have a "Super twin powers" so we cant play. we have the same one big group of friends but then we break off into little groups and we are in 2 different groups but our group still hangs out together. she is very childish and I am insane. so when we do something together we get in a lot if trouble like last time we broke a window. but sometimes it is good to have a twin to talk to. BUT I HATE BEING A TWIN. so never tell a twin that they are lucky to be a twin.

It has it good days and bad days of being a twin. But just thing of if your twin was there anymore. . . Gone. Then what would life be like for you. I have a twin sister. We are totally to different people and she can drive me crazy a times too. Were all I want to do is pull my hair out. I have share a room with my sister and other thing for the longest. I have had the same thing go though my head about being just me and not being compared to her. But when it comes down to it. I known I part of be would be died inside if something happen to her.

I have a twin too. It's terrible and I hate it. I never have anytime to myself, and she started track and cross country now, just like i did. And what I hate most is she's stealing all my friends. It annoys the crap out of me and it will never be changed. I hate it. She does everything with me and she won't leave me and my friends alone.

i am a twin too my sister is kind of an outgoing fun person and i am the opposite of that but we look exactly the same sometimes her boyfriend or other guys can't even tell us apart and it's really annoying we even have the same voice

It's nice to hear that it's not just me then! Everywhere you look there's twins in the media represented as disgustingly inseparable- finishing each other's sentences, wearing matching outfits etc- no thanks.

There's also this idea that it's either 100% mirrors of each other or complete rivals and dual opposites, never a happy medium like you'd find most siblings (and most twins) actually are!

Little thing to chew on. Isn't it strange how twins are usually always linked to comedy? Comic singers, comic plays, comic film/book/tv characters? Either that or they're like The Shining girls. People often laugh at what frightens them. Seem like society's slightly scared of twins?

Hello, Im 26 years old and I'm a fraternal twin. I have read most of everyones comments here on this site, but to be honest to me Its a curse being a twin. For those that don't know what it feels like being a twin, in my opinion its not a good feeling, and again this is my opinion. Imagine some other person having the same face as you.....weird and strange, now, imagine dating a girl that has been confused by your other brother....also weird. As a man you wanna feel like a true individual, like your own man that is different from every other man. Unique, different, different personality, just completely different all around from every other man that lives on this planet. Also imagine bumping into another man in big club with lots of attractive ladies, and all of a sudden some other male figure is wearing the same shirt with your exact height, or you meet some friends at a club and one of your friends ends up wearing the same shirt as you, you would probably tell your friend to go change his shirt. Think about it? its just really strange. I just feel that having the same face is not an attractive thing at all for a man. To some of you other twins here on this comment box, I have felt depressed for a long time knowing that I'm a twin, and having thoughts that i wished i was not a twin at all. I care for my bro but just not in the identical spectrum, in terms of same physical, personality, tone, shoe size, hand size and same facial ex<x>pressions / genetic traits. I have been depressed since i was 15 years old and haven't told anybody yet. I love all my family members, and to feel like this is stressful. When I go out i don't want to be with my brother by myself, because i start to feel weirded out and uncomfortable. People will look at us strange because we look alike and that to me is uncomfortable, especially if your a grown *** man at 26. Here a good one, you both go to the super market together and happen to bump into a beautiful grown women in the fruit section, and all of a sudden she looks at our direction and notices were grown up twins that look alike, and then having the feeling of approaching her, but you don't because its like in your mind your other half can sound like you and do the same. I tell you its a curse. Its fine when your a kid, because its cute and all, and you can get away with a lot of things, but not when your all grown up.I know i said a lot of negative things here, but thats just how i feel. For those of you that ever get a chance to know me or know me, Im a good humble dude. Its just my own inner conflict feelings that im battling with at this time of my life, and so far it doesn't seem to be going away. Im a virgin and my other twin is not, and battling with these insecurities has made it hard for me to do the man deed. I don't know, maybe facial plastic surgery will make me feel different as a young man. Anyways., these are my thoughts and feelings on the twin topic, you guys take this long comment of mine as you like.

I knew twins like that. One was a lot like u he eventualy found a girl that could tell them apart based on the fact she wasn't attracted at all to the brother... which would seem weirdbeing identical and all but her pulse would speedup when pete walked in but never around dylan. Hopefully you'll be as lucky or try dying your hair and tinting ur eyebrows and growing facial hair...? Though u probably tried that... :)

Well so far it still hasn't happened yet. Although my confidence has gone up a lot since I made this post. I read several books on confidence, flirting and some PUA stuff as well, and its helped increase my self esteem as well. The man deed still hasn't happened yet, but I am making progress. The whole different look thing has come to mind, I have long mid-long hair now and plucked out a few eyebrows but not a lot, that way I can keep the man look. Will make other changes as the days progress, but nothing too drastic. Thanks for the advice who ever you are. And your story about him finding a girl, how the hell did that happened? To me it doesn't make any sense. Its like women have this 6th sense that men don't have man...weird, its like they know. How old was this twin you say when he finally got the girlfriend? Older then 26 or younger?

i agree. my twin brother SUCKS. he's dumb, lazy and fat. originally we had all the same friends in high school but he ruined it for me and now like him i've lost them as friends. he only knows how to take and not how to give anything. he did drugs and became psychotic and caused intense drama for my family for years. i broke up out of a long term relationship and stopped all of my hobbies just to try to help him. but he's still dumb and lazy and the most annoying person in the world and still coming in and out of rehab / care homes. he's basically useful and i am extremely ashamed of having a twin. he was so embarrassing that i had to delete him from facebook and i hid for years because i was so ashamed. nowadays its best if i dont mention i have a twin because hes my shadow. i hate when he says that we are a team when in reality he contributes nothing to anybody. he has no friends just people he relies on to give him medication and money from social security he gets for being a psycho. if you ever find that your twin has a drug problem or similar, avoid him like the plague!!!!! he will ruin your life like he ruined mine. i just cant wait to finish my graduate studies so that i can move from this state and never have to feel like i have to waste my time to help him or take him out ever again!!!!

I'm a fraternal twin, and I love my sister very much, I couldn't imagine life without her. Having said that, I relate to your problem about having to compete all the time. I struggle a lot with jealousy issues, as I feel that my sister got all the talent. She's amazing at art and really clever. Like right now, I'm sitting here writing this while crying, because I studied really hard for this exam, and she didn't at all, and yet I failed and she did amazingly! I hate how jealous I feel, but I can't help it.

My twin and I share a soul, we don't know if we're identical or fraternal as mom never checked, but we look identical. Anyway she and I share a heart and I can't fathom living a foot away from her. She is a gift, like every twin's twin is a gift. I could never spit at that blessing. God, science, zeus or whoever he is knew I needed her, i guess.
When we were four we walked through a park hand and hand and agreed that, "wherever we go, we'll hold hands."
We're twenty now, and she steals all the blankets at night. We'll never part.
sidenote, we're probably going to have to marry twins or two guys who won't mind sharing a life with one another :P

I am a twin, I have a brother who is 38. We had a good friendly childhood together, played together, were good at most sports together but I was the more outgoing but physically weaker. When we fought it was mad! we fought like dogs but always made up and I always loved my brother but as we aged I began to worry for my brother. I am a very competitive, sucessful, a professional and my brother is the polar opposite. He is unemployed, very well qualified with two degrees, a gambler, a drinker,a loner but a lovely person who people do like but just very quite.

I feel for him every day, I feel guilty everytime I have a happy moment because I wish he had. I am younger by 5 mins but really I am older in mind by many years. I have worried for over 20 years that he would kill himself, now ironically I am depressed and mostly due to his failures. People have told me he is not your responsibility, but he is my twin! I would cut my kidney out for him! cant people understand that?... I have to get over this as it is killing my life with my wife and kids, I do know my brother is taking advantage and has been bred to be lazy by my mom, she really did everything a parent with twins shouldnt do when we were young i.e. dress the same, same class, call us the twins, etc

I need to know that it is ok to suceed while he makes up his own mind and plays out his own life, I dont mind meeting him every now and then but any more than that makes me feel very uncomfotable and depressed. This may seem strange to read but beleve me it is no fun for me, I often wished I just had a regular brother. I reckon my mothers decisions for us as twins ruined our lives. Has anyone any experience similar?

I'm a fraternal twin (one minute apart caesarians), but I feel like my other twin is better looking then me even though she says I'm prettier! I'm not blind, even though we are both thin she still has a slimmer face than me and more angular features and even though I'm as skinny as her my face is more 'rounded' and 'softer looking', and she matured way earlier than me (if you know what I mean). We fight not just verbally but physically and we are 16! Don't get me wrong, we literally annoy each other and sometimes I feel like punching her but we do have the deepest conversations and I can be 100% honest with her and I do love her so much and could never be apart for more than a few days! When we fight we really fight and tear the roof off the house and our older sister hates us for that and finds us immature and annoying and childish but she just doesn't understand. We drive our parents nuts. My parents and friends are constantly comparing us and I feel like my friend appreciates my twin more because she's better looking and 'cooler' and has been asked out by better looking guys and I have never 'truly' been asked out. I'm the younger twin and more creative musically and artistically (I don't mean to be vain saying that by the way!) But she's the athletic twin, we vary in smartness like I get a high score in a test and then she'll get the higher score and so on and so forth. We are both introverts and really shy and insecure. My twin is older than me by a minute and always tells me that she's jealous of me for being younger and left-handed because it makes me even more rare because twins are rare as it is! I used to have so many scratches on my arms due to fighting with her, I would like to say that I'm the nicer twin but we are basically just as bad as each other, I'm a huge hypocrite I guess and I judge people which is so bad I have to stop! But I'm also too nice to people, I smile and laugh way too much. People actually do call her the 'evil twin' and me the 'nice twin' because she looks more intimidating than me. I feel like both my parents favour my twin because she's more athletic and prettier me. My dad likes her more because she's more like him and my mum likes her more and my older sister too who is so freaking smart it's intimidating so I'm kind of just 'hanging' somewhere in the middle if you know what I mean. My mum buys her whatever she wants and when I ask my mum for something I like (and I rarely ask for stuff) she kind of hates my taste in things and feels like I have 'too much stuff' even though I swear I don't have as many new clothes as my twin does. To all the twins out there, do you think your mum or dad favours one twin over the other and also, do you feel like the angular twin is more attractive? Because when I see a set of guy twins I always find the angular twin more attractive and I feel so bad because I know how the other twin feels because even though I'm not chubby in comparison to my twin I look more rounded even though I'm not in relation to other non twins. I don't want to sound vain I really don't and I'm not saying this to gain sympathy votes or anything but I just want honest opinions shared between twins please, thanks so much for reading this huge write up! I appreciate someone listening and responding, and there are good things about being twins - I feel proud to show her off when we are together but this is a negative rant so... yeah! *virtual hug* :)

look, You are both young. When I was your age we too fought too.Please take this advice, develop your own individual friendships, become your own person, encourage your twin to do same. At 16, your body hasnt even deveoped, dont get hung up on shape, size and who is better. I know you are teenagers and adolescesents so that may not be easy but people change drarmatically in their 20's. Keep the chin up

I have a twin sister and we do fight a lot (especially because we share a room, and have two classes together) but we do love each other and I would never want to be separated from her for more than a few days. We are best friends, even though we fight over stupid things, but I honestly don't know what I'd do without her.