MY Twin and Me

I am the blonde twin my name is KARLA , the red hared girl

is my twin sister KAREN we are twins diffrent as night and day . karen donsent think befor she speaks , me on the other

hand i always think befor i speak . karen introudced me as the evil twin sister. my sister is a big drama queen

always in the spot light . her life is a crisess always ,my life  is peaceful . its like shes always fighting for attion

from my parents when we were teens. starting rumers about me and my older sister .

 its like now that we are older its like iam her mother she just spends money like its water ,me on the

other hand iam very responcable money wise my house is payed for and i owe very little in bills.

 she dont own a place and is living with her abusive ex husband . me iam happly married . and i have

a good marrage. my sister is very troubled .

I have dyxlica  ,a sorry about the spelling ,our parents raised us in such toxic abuse my twin sister

 i do have resentment to my twin how she puts me down for being a responcable adult and paying my bills on time , there is more to this story ,shes tryed to break up my marrage and she trys every time she comes over to start something in the family , all i want from her is peace. how wouldnt you ayahu , not be resentful to your twin sister writting paper work saying you and your other sister didnt want any thing to do with your parents esate , its not the money its the behind the anger is the princeable of it .shes done so much to me and my sister ,shes torn down my parents house shes took all my mothers money out of her bank account . and spent all her money . she tells everyone shes a only child my mother just passed away this passed march23 2011. my parents tought us to be at eachother always to compeat  and my parents tought us so much strife you dont know the half of it . i do agree with you we should have a special bond ''twinship'' i do keep trying with her . shes burnted down two of her houses for the insurance money her husband didnt have on the house she set the fire in . and she braggs about it saying how she was going to have plenty of money from the fire but it back fired he didnt get fireinsurace and what shes done is a crime . i dont judge her iam only  stating the facts . we have helped her out with money food . i do try to help her out but iam tired of her feeling that my husband needs to always help her out . she wont work shes on ss .  but if you knew her and my family you really would understand how i feel about her . she wont get out there and work  . like  i work . but if she ever called me in the middle of the night and needed something i would be there for her . but she makes her own desisions and some of her chooises  . its sad but i do love her. shes 46 and dosent take responcablity for any thing  shes does


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Sometimes family doesn't work out; and there's this think called grammar...

But you have horrible spelling and grammar. No offense but sounds like you have some resentment towards your twin there. Perhaps for bringing you down? She probably did not mean it that way, twinship is a special thing, go back and reforge.

Karen is to be pitied more than hated.<br />
I love her to death but the things she does are so destructive to not only herself but everyone around her.<br />
<br />
I pray for her every day that she finds some kind of inner peace and stops acting like she does.<br />
She's so bitter and feels cheated out of so much, not realizing the blessings she already has.<br />
She lives so tightly wound up in the moment she has no concept of tomorrow and beats herself over the head, as well as everyone else with the past.<br />
It's everyone's fault but hers and she gets so envious of you when something good happens to you, like marrying me and the fact our daughter is a good girl.<br />
It's like that day she looked at her and made the comment about her having a ghetto butt, where the heck did that come from and why something so mean, I'll never understand her...

great and really understand. It is great to be your own person to do what you want to accomplish while going where no man goes. Good luck to you.