I'm the Ugly Twin

Me and my twin are non identical and don't get along most of the time... i have mental health issues and she doesn't, she is an opportunistic mare and would step on anyone to get to the top... and I have a hard time making friends and keeping them as i don't seem to be interesting enough or say the right things (as in popular things)

In looks she gets more attention than me, she is 5'2 with blond hair and is about a UK size 12..

I have every colour under the sun hair- currently purple.. 5'4 and a UK size 24... I hate my weight and have gained weight due to my depression Ive had for 6 years and ongoing.

she hasn't had a major issue affect her life, and everyone loves her... she can treat them like rubbish and they are still her friend, where as I treat my friends like id like to be treated and seem to get nowhere.


I'm pretty down and feel pretty angry- due to events, she seems to be regarded as the successful and pretty Twin, People meanwhile treat me like I'm some social leper and have killer rabies.

I want to just be rid of myself so they can all focus on her. My mum is the only reason I'm not gone. shes amazing to me... so supportive and has always treated us like individuals giving us individual choices not lumping us together.

It sucks being a twin, cause if u are the one who ends up with the poop end of the stick, your twin becomes someone u try not to want to kill on a daily basis, whilst she treats you like your below her.

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I am the ugly twin too. When we were growing up everybody would say my twin was prettier than me. I have learned that being the ugly twin was the best thing that every happened to me. My twin and I are 48 years old. I know how to take care of myself she doesn't. Everytime she has a problem with her life she cries about on her facebook page and expects everybody to feel sorry for her. She even begs people for help. When I have problems in my life I do not cry about it on my facebook page and I don't beg people for help. I help myself. It was hard being the ugly twin when I was young but now that I am 48 years old I have learned that it was a blessing.

As difficult as this may sound, you will realize one day that you actually are better off for your struggle. I am the mother of twins, and while one of them sees herself like you, and would describe the other as you have described your twin - there are hard lessons in store for both of you, but here's the summary of it: You are enduring your painful life lessons now - because things are not easy for you, you will find that you can be happier if you just work a little harder - whether it be on making the best of your personal assets, making friends, etc. Now you see your twin as having it easy, but know this - she will also need to learn these life lessons - just because she is not living them now does not mean she will not have to learn them - and, she will likely do this as she is aging and becomes even more unsure of herself - while you, having learned these life lessons in your youth will be a strong, mature woman during the time she is discovering her life lessons. My wish for you is that you will be kind to her when that day comes - be the bigger person, and know that without pain there is no growth. How can I be so sure of what I write - I am the mother of twins...I watch their struggles, and while I can see the real beauty of both of them within, even my words don't always reach them. I wish you all the best and I am very happy that you have a loving mother.

i don't use it as a crutch so its a shame he does.