Mirror Image Identical Twin

Me and my sister are mirror image identical. I'm left handed, she's right. When we were younger and losing tooth we'd lose the same tooth but on opposite sides.

We say the same thing at the same time, and sometimes dress alike but not on purpose. We go down the stairs in the morning and discover we are wearing identical clothes.

Some people are scared of us.

SweetPegasus SweetPegasus
18-21, F
5 Responses Aug 21, 2009

That's so cool. My twin brother and also dress as alike as a boy and girl can dress. Like we would both wear blue jeans and blue shirts. But sadly we cant fool anyone that way.

I'm also an identical mirror image twin. If I have a cavity on one side, she has the other. We will buy the same clothing. We will show up in the same places that we havnt been to in years. My stories go on and they do not have a happy ending.

Hi SweetPegasus, I have a twin and we are identical mirror image twins also. We do everything together. I have tuns of twins in my family but me and my twin are the only Identical mirror image twins which is a shock to me. I always wanted to see how other twins grew up that is not in my family to see if they were like me and my twin. We are 18 year old twin girls. How was it like growing up as twins for you?

I have a twin and she has used my name for driving tickets cashed checks and used credit cards and pretends to be me when she gets introuble. Im a great sister I have nothing left and homeless. I have a bad wrap due to her mistakes and her using me. I have no husband. She has made me look as if I'm insain. Her husband also condones my sister and also knows her bad habits. She and I actually should take a lie detectors test to see if she has done more than what I have just explained.. My life is in ruins and I'm having troubles in trusting her because I infact know she's done these things to me..

people are scared of what they dont understand i am a twin as well but me and my sister are not identical we are paturnal we are fifteen mins apart we share some things like that as well being a twin is one of the most unique things in this world be proud of it and dont let others get you down just remember they are scared of what they dont understand