I Don't Know If I Belong In This Category Of Twinless- Twins But I Feel The Need For Feed Back Or Just A Listening Ear.

About a wk and a half ago a friend told me that her twin sister died.Them being identical I always got them mixed up.I wrote to the surviving twin and told her of the sorrow I felt for her not only a sister but an identical twin having passed on I told her what my doctor said that I was to be a twin and I never thought of it again till I talked to my friend here.She told me to go to this site and so I am here.
I was born with complete double set of female reproductive system.I didn't feel I could be a twin although always wanted  to be one.I sat many times thinking of myself but in a different light or in a different person or somehow like that.I never told anyone till now and I had to go through a lot of surgeries to make me into one person only.I remember when I had my children a lot of doctors gathered about my bed to see this configuration. I was told I probably would not be able to have any children due to my complicated situation .I lost my first due to the complication and I wanted with all my heart to have children and I had a girl and a boy both of them having minor issues surrounding their reproductive system but easily corrected. 
I have had thoughts of someone watching out for me and even guiding me. If this is the other side of me then I would have to conclude it be my soul partner.because there was no complete person like brain or heart.
The funny thing is just on mothers day i told my mother about my thoughts and she said she never new anything about me having two of many body parts .Of course she wouldn't cuse as a baby they  don't examine there and as an adult it is private.
LorraineH11 LorraineH11
May 14, 2012