Gone Way To Young

My name is Nicole I just lost my twin may 10 2012 we just shared our 31st birthday april 12 my sister died due to a tragic motorcycle. Accident she left behind 2 amazing little boys well the thing is I feel as if half of my soul is gone I never been alone I always. Had her to lean on and to talk to I never had a birthday without her I miss her. So much people don't get it show I feel im lonely and they just don't understand I wish I can just hold her one more time how can I go on knowing she's not there all I want is my twin sister back
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She will always be there for you, in life and death, watching over you and her 2 little boys

Hi Nicole, I am so sorry to hear about your twin. My name is Mathew twin of Micheal. I to lost my twin after 33 years on August 18 2010, and the pain is still intense. Michael and I were inseparable all our life. I understand your heart ache and I am still looking for proper help. I found that this is a very unique grief and no one can realy say they understand unless they have lost a twin themself. talking to other lone twin's is the best type of medicine that I have found so far. I believe our twins are still with us and watching out for us. I have so many stories since he has passed ( too much to write about in a comment ).
Hang in there Nicole, I hope you the best and share your pain.
Please contact me if you need someone to talk to. I don't have all the answers but I will always try and do my best to help in any way I can.

im so sorry for your loss i lost my twin brother john july 22 2006 he passed away while driving home from work he fell asleep behind the wheel so i know how u all feel u learn to live with the loss but the empty feeling remains. its even worse when u dont have other twinless twins to talk to i know i struggle daily sometimes during our birthday and holidays

im sorry for your loss my name is Kayla and my twin sister name DELAYA she pass away on may 24 2012 and we just turn 16 on February 7 and i know how you feel

i lost my identical twin brother to a heroin overdose on the 4th of may he was only 26 years old. i know i'll never get over it all i can try to do is try to cope with it. unfortunately i know how you feel. i wouldn't wish this pain on anybody i can feel you're pain it feels like somebody ripped my heart out tore it in two and put one half back in. its heartbreaking looking at photographs when we were little boys ive got twin sons myself and i dont even want to imagine losing one of them. life will never be the same without him. he donated his two kidneys to a 60 year old female with grandchildren and a male in his 50s. god bless you bro. no youre definitely not alone.

Hi Nicole. I am so sorry for your loss. My name is Nadine and I lost my twin sister on 20 May 2012 (33 years old) due to cancer so I know exactly how you are feeling. I haven't quite accepted that it's happened yet so I can't offer any advice to you, but just to let you know you are not alone. :)

I havent lost my twin sister though both of us have had life threatening diseases and the chance of one losing the other has been a real threat. I am so sorry at your lose and I can only imagine how it is for you.