Losing My Best Friend, My Twin

I received the worst call any twin can get on May 21, 2012. My older sister called me at 5:15am, she never calls me that early. She asked to speak to my husband because she couldn't tell me. I remember taking the phone from him and asking her "Liz or mom" but inside I knew it was Liz, I had said her name first. I didn't want to believe it at first and I called my aunt and she confirmed it. I called my brother-in-law and he confirmed it. How do you go on in life without the other part of you. I have the joy of knowing she is in Heaven with her savior and she is happier than ever at the same time I missing her very much. Our personalities were different but we were always connected. We lived 400 miles apart, but never far from each other. We would talk, skype, email and text all the time. I missing talking to her the most. Sometime it's hard to look in a mirror because I see her. Our birthday is coming up this month and I find it difficult to face. I will cherish every moment we had and I'm so glad I told her I loved her everytime we talked. Some days are better than others I try to always remember she is happy now waiting for me in heaven. When I remember her infectious laugh and I am able to smile too. I pray God bring comfort to all other twinless twins out there giving some peace in our hearts.
magomez66 magomez66
41-45, F
Sep 7, 2012