Lost Twinless Twin

Another night... Another battle.
Another morning... Another war.
Who Am I? and what the hell am I doing here?
If I were to tell myself 2 years ago what craziness was to come I would have never believed it. So much had happened. I found my identical twin brother, dead, in his bed the morning of october 18, 2010. From that point forward there was no looking back for it only brought pain and a fantasy of false hope  of  what life may have been like. If he were here.. Would I be a better person? Would I Be living the life that only I dream of? Would I be pursuing my goals and would I ever have a social life without my 'right hand man'? Many people are available for guidance but i need help from those who can understand what I'm going through. I feel lost and I thought I would have found my way by now. Its getting even more difficult as Tyler's anniversary of death approaches. What can I do? 
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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

Hi my name is Matthew I came one this cite because I was in very similar position to you I really don't no what else to do myself Michaels anniversary is coming up first year 7/12/2012 aged 35 if you need some to talk to who knows how your feeling ,I would too I'm so sorry to m8 ,the feeling just doesn't leave