Our Story

ill start by saying me and my twin brother john had very rough lives growing up as children we were removed from our mother at the age of three because we had been abanded. the only memorie i have at that age is of me and my twin brother john hiding in the closet because we did not know the person who was looking for us. it was the police with cps to take us away he were taken and all seperated me my 2 sisters and my twin john we remained in seperate foster homes for 2 years before being reunited with our mother during those two years me and my brother were both placed in abusive foster homes we got back with our mother and our family was whole and some what functional. maybe this time apart while at such a young age atributed to when we eventualy went our seperate ways i lived in ohio during the time he passed he lived in north carollina we never had any falling out we just went our seperate ways and we both would reach out to one another but our lives just seemed to keep us apart . my twin brother john passed away july 22 2006 when he fell asleep behind the wheel when he was coming home from work its been six years since his passing and the wound that remains is just as painful today as the day it happend and now it makes those memories of us trying to be close painful i just wish i didnt have this empty feeling some days its so heavy it literly feels like a weight dragging me down i rarly reach out to anyone anymore because most people couldnt understand a pain like min thats why i am reeching out now because i just need to connect with someone anyone who is going thro the same thing
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

i cant relate
but i can say
be strong
he wants u happy
u know that
be happy