Feeling Twinless,, Questions :(

since i turned 7 (I'm 17yrs old now) i started on feeling alone, like me as a whole is not complete, since then like everyday.. i fantasize of having a twin,

my question is.. is there a possibility that i really have a twin??

there are times when my mood suddenly change, times when a feeling of depression suddenly covered a happy mood of mine, times like when I'm having fun playing some game(RPG Game, Dragon nest), as in the past second I'm very happy(killing people at pvp) then in a flash i felt really angry, sad, lonely ,, i cant even understand :( i still kept on playing that moment, but after my sister asked me something(forgot it really -,-) then like i just started crying and like very furious, i ran into my room and locked myself ,,, tears kept on pouring down like only after 10mins or more when i got a hold of myself again.

I can also feel, i just don't know who, but i can feel he really exist.. i want to ask my parents about it, but I'm afraid, two reasons, one.. what if i really had a twin but died after birth?? wont that be a more depressing story? second is.. aren't i going to look crazy if i ask them about it??

there are more weird things that i kept on experiencing, but its just too complicated to even share tho,,

~~ if there's someone there who felt(keep on feeling) the same or someone who lost his/her twin(without knowing since birth) but had the chance of knowing his/her twin.. i would be really happy if you could share your story,
Phobiaz Phobiaz
Dec 15, 2012