My Twin

No one will ever understand my story....plz tell me this site is still good...
Shirlena1 Shirlena1
2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

i dont know what your experience is but i am also a twin-less twin if you ever need to talk to someone id be willing to listen

Hello Shirlena. My name is Enrique. I am a twinless twin. My brother Andy passed away 10 years ago, and for me is like it was yesterday. It took me years to understand the phenomenon, because it is a phenomenon. We had the bless to develop a very special and unique type of relationship, because we had a companion even before we met our mothers. After years I realized that we project to all of our relationships, we look forward to find relationships so close as our twin brother. So, sometimes we feel a bit lonely, because the OTHERS do not understand how close we can get to people. I think is a mutilation of ourself, and explains it because we all go through loneliness, unhappiness, missunderstindgs. The good thing is we are very sensitive in so many ways! The way we see nature, human beings and love. I think the major gift is that we learned and devoloped LOVE in a very early age, and we give LOVE to other naturally. Bad thing is sometimes we dont get back the LOVE we give, never is enough, except for our own one.