My Best Friend Jane

Jane was born 1st by 12 minutes. I was breach birth. Jane and I lost our mother when we were 11 yrs old. Losing our mom so young made Jane and I much closer. All we needed was each other. We grew up in a family of 5 kids, 2 older brothers, and 1 younger sister. When we grew up we both lived in Key West, Fl., a very small community. Jane married, I married. We all were very happy. Then in 1998 janes husband died. She never recovered from losing him. After his death Jane had many, many medical issues. I was always taking her to Miami to see doctors. In 2008 she has problems breathing. The doctors said she needed a trach. Jane was not happy with this. To talk she had to cover the trach. I was at her apt everyday to change it, clean it, give her her medicines. She felt like a burden to me, but as I often complained, I think it was because I didn't want her sick and I wanted her the was she was. February 25, 2012 Jane tried to start some stupid argument with me and wanted her house key back. I left it on her table. Two days later my niece found her dead in her apt. I will live with the sadness and regret of taking my key and not being with her as she died all alone. Next month will be the 1st anniversary. I thank God for all the twinless twin support groups because they are the only ones who will ever understand my loss. I think of Jane every single day. I believe she took my key that day so I would not find her and I know she wanted to die because she often told my husband how much she hated having to depend on me for I would give anything to have her back.

Twin hugs, Joan twin to Jane
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I'm so sorry to read this... I can only wish you the best of luck and much support. Hugs.