I Miss You Very Much,My Twin.

Why do you have to leave me?the more I think about you,the more a feel grief. Now,its not exam or grades that I want,all I want is to just meet you,hold your hand and maybe share with you my griefs. I really feel restless,I cry whenever I think about you or even looking at twins who have each other hurts me alot,I always feel lonely. I just wish you are here,going to school,like any other twins would do. I really miss you alot,my dear twin.
cherrymushy cherrymushy
13-15, F
1 Response Feb 12, 2013

I feel exactly how you do. I watch all the twins at school with jealousy, knowing that it was supposes to be us like that. I have no physical proof actually but I just know and that is it. We are the same age if you are 13-15 I always look at peoples age or look at everyones face when i go somewhere thinking I will find my twin because maybe its one of those freak things were they find their twin