The Nasty Side Of Astrology

SCORPIO:  The Scorpion.

People need to watch out for you since your sting is sharp and deadly!

Alies: Mr/Ms Manipulative

Worse Trait:  Power Obsessive

CANCER: The Crab.

You rarely approach people in an open manner.

Alies: Mr/Ms Moody

Worse trait: Exaggeration as you tend to make mountains out of molehills

PISCES: The Fishes

Hard to pin down as slippery to catch!

Alies: Mr/Ms Dreamer

Worse trait:  Your constant need to escape reality


You tend to shoot 'arrows' all over the place!

Alies: Mr/Ms Tactless

Worse trait: You tend to be Loud and lack social graces

CAPRICORN: The (Tempermental) Goat!

Alies: Mr/Ms Conservative

Worse trait: You are a Snob - from your clothes to your friends

AQUARIUS: The Water Bearer

They give if they think they will get in return

Alies:Mr/Ms Obstinate

Worse trait: Rebelliousness

VIRGO: The Virgin (NOT!)

Self-rightous and want to change people not help them

Alies: Mr/Ms Critical

Worse trait: To Nag,Nag,Nag!

LEO: The Lion

You preen and prance around as though you really ARE King/Queen! and If you have a good body,you will flaunt it

Alies:Mr/Ms Drama Queen/King

Worse trait: Your tendency to dominate conversations

ARIES: The Ram

Like your symbol,the Ram,you 'butt' into others conversations and business

Alies: Mr/Ms Irresponsible

Worse trait: Opening mouth and putting your foot in it

TAURUS: The Bull

You 'snort and stamp' until you get your way

Alies: Mr/Ms Stubborn

Worse trait: Greediness

GEMINI: The Twins

You have a split personality which confuses everbody!

Alies: Mr/Ms Changeable

Worse trait: Fickleness - What you say and what you do are completely different

LIBRA: The Scales (And they are often Unbalanced!)

Alies: Mr/Ms Indecisive

Worse trait: A crawly,over-eagerness to please people




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Yep.... :)... Totally me :).. Thx For The Post:)