Blind Two Spirit

I was not born into a full native home and was told nothing of my ancestors. My fathers family was ashamed of their heritage and claimed only the Scottish as their line. As a young person I gathers the family history and began piecing together the native blood line as well. I hold dearly the Scot as well and the Native blood that runs through my veins. They are both proud people, worthy and capable of amazing things. However, being Two Spirit can be hard and lonely n both worlds. My white family didn't understand me, some rejected me as too different and shaming to have in the family, while others loved me as I am. I choose to find my own family and bring others into my life that did understand and wanted to be part of my life, sharing love, laughter and hardships.

As an adult I became a healer of others. My medium is herbal medicine and the elements. Unfortunately I could not save myself and lost most of my eyesight almost a year ago. Today I find my eyesight was a gift, both having it, and when it was lost. I was given the gift to see the world, and many of its wonderful and beautiful things, but when it was lost I was able to see so much more of the world. No longer am I preoccupied with outer beauty. I now see the inner beauty as well as hear it, smell it, touch it and experience it. I had to lose before I was able to truly see for the first time.

Today my two spirit soul is moving towards peace maybe for the first time.
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What an inspirational post!