The UK Pack List

If you are alpha or a member of a UK pack, please ask your alpha/pack if you can be listed below. We all would be very grateful!

Thank you.

UK Pack List:

- The Mission Wolf Pack (Nottinghamshire)

- The Lupus Pack (Staffordshire/ West Midlands)

- The Crimson Wolf Pack

- The Eternal Spirit Pack (North East England/ County Durham)
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I am Alpha of Eternal Spirit, in the North East of England :) County Durham.

I will add you ASAP onto the list. Thank you!

There you go ^^

awsome :) thanks

No problem.

we have a website too if ud like too check it out?

Brilliant website!

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'Mericans aren't nearly as organized as all you blokes.

Haha; care to add any?

Are you doing Just packs or lone wolves as well?

This list is specifically just for packs, but it is to help lone wolves out ^^

Thanks you

That's ok.

I am the alpha male of the crimson wolf pack in England I can't tell u the county cuz I'm not allowed to

That is fine, just having the name helps :D Thank you!

I'm not allowed to meet packs haha, only spoke to one online and nearly broke it up haha. I'm from near leeds

I guess I can see why...

If you would like to know more about the Lupus Pack, we do have a website:

Thank you ^^

I am Alpha male of the Lupus Pack in the Staffordshire/West Midlands Area. You may of heard of the werewolves of Cannock Chase.

I haven't actually heard of you, but thank you for posting your pack!

Hey I'm female alpha of the Mission wolf pack, located in Nottinghamshire. X

Thank you for being the first!

UK packs needed please for the list! Be a star and add yours ^^ Many thanks!