The UK Pack List

If you are alpha or a member of a UK pack, please ask your alpha/pack if you can be listed below. We all would be very grateful!

Thank you.

UK Pack List:

- The Mission Wolf Pack (Nottinghamshire)

- The Lupus Pack (Staffordshire/ West Midlands)
Pack Website:

- The Crimson Wolf Pack

- The Eternal Spirit Pack (North East England/ County Durham)
Pack Website:

- ?? (North West Yorkshire)

- The Blizzardclaw Pack (UK)

- The Moonlight Pack (Beaumont Leys/Leicester)

- The Blood Moon Pack (UK)

- The Fire Canyon Pack (Scotland)

- Teulu Ar Gyfer Cyfan (UK)

- The Crimson Thorn Pack (UK - mainly Scotland and England)

- The Crimson Claw Pack (Mid Wales)

- The Steel Moonlight Pack (UK, specifically Brighton and Hove)
Instagram: steel.moonlight.pack

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Hi, Im alpha of the Redwood Shadow Pack, Based in the uk, Cannock Chase. We are all over england though. Redwood Shadow Pack is on facebook

how can I talk to the alpha of the fire canyon pack in Scotland?

Hi I'm the alpha of the crimson moon pack I'm going to make a Web site for people in/joining my pack can see but I won't to join your pack if that's ok.

I also live in the U.K

I don't have a pack, and this isn't a pack. This is just to help others find their way. Would you like to add your packs details to the list?

Yes please

Do you have a particular place in the UK where your pack is based, or would you like me to just put UK?

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Thanks for putting us up here 2nd leader of the Teulu Ar Gyfer Cyfan ☺️

You could also add therians without a pack to a list, so that we can find out if there is anyone else nearby

I think that will be a fantastic idea :D

I didn't realise the therian movement was so big... Where did the movement get publicised? I assume something recently?

I believe it came about as people could Google the experiences they were having and then found that they related as Therian. The invention of the Internet has enabled this to happen and to join elders with those that are younger.

Hmm.... The problem for me is the same problem with all other religions... How do you know it's true and the more you search for something the more likely you are to imagine you have...

That being said I respect it. And I couldn't tell anyone if it's right or wrong... But it could be real ^.^

It's not a religion, just what you are but on a more spiritual/mental level. I can see where you are coming from though, but after a few years writing everything down and then finding such a large proportion of people who also related to those experience in a similar way convinced me that there must be at least a handful of them that are telling the truth.

Thank you for your tolerance; it is very appreciated. :)

Well it sounds a lot like Buddhism :p I mean the thing is when I was 10 I was in the bathroom looking in the mirror and I had a vision of a Phoenix in the mirror. I don't believe in Phoenixes... Even after seeing one with my own two eyes.

That's why it just frustrates me a little when people say they see wolves inside them :p I'm sure we see humans and cats and dogs in our minds all the time. But that makes them no more real to me than an invisible spaghetti monster :p

Anyways. I'm trying my best not to insult your beliefs as best as I can :p I just have a few friends who think the same and refuse the idea that their visions "could" be their imagination. I digress... XD

Interesting. Well, I spent a few years doubting myself (as things typically go for teens) but I the more I told myself to grow up the more I felt at war with myself. I spent a long time figuring out everything (long story) but I had never considered that I could be a wolf because it was just what I am deep down inside. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a normal human being. I didn't choose this; this is just who I am. I guess you can only really understand it fully if it has happened to you (as with most things as they say). You are being very considerate about my beliefs, and I thank you. Well, we all know spaghetti has a dark side XP

Heehe spaghetti had a dark side XD. Well I think the bits that make me even more erm... Concerned is that some Therians is when they talk about shape shifting... Or techniques for shapes shifting... Like if shapeshifters exist I would love to record one shapeshifting.... Like that would be the key to Sooo much technology and medicine!! :)

Well if you want to tell someone about your long story I'm happy to listen! ^.^ I'm a decent listener ^.^ and I am of course respectful of your beliefs! I've got beliefs too, none spiritual, but I can never know if I am right! So I could be wrong ^.^

My other question is why wolf? Why not a tiger or a dog or a human who has different psychology to most? :p

Well, Therians generally are against the idea of physically shifting. A Werewolf/ Werecat or similar however do. There is a huge amount of controversy over physical shifting as you can imagine, but who knows.

My story really isn't interesting at all :P I have absolutely no idea why a wolf, but I know many who are other than wolves. I guess maybe the wolf picked me, I don't know :P

I can imagine there is a massive amount of controversy around the physical shifting... I mean I can understand wanting to be able to and trying to learn how to though... It reminds me of a few years ago when I was really interested in Avatar the Legend of Aang... They have a skill called bending in it. I did massive research into the possibility of actual bending in real life and wellI found a lot of stuff oriented around buddhism...

But I digressed and put it forward as a trick... I then looked into how I could do it with science and studied at the University of Sussex on a Theoretical Physics degree to find out how I could make it a reality with physics and electromagnetism.

I wouldn't mind hearing your uninteresting story never the less ^.^ Hehe if you're willing to tell I am willing to listen/read/whatever :D I guess so! We may never know!

Interesting. Theoretical Physics? I am personally very interested in Quantum Physics :P Electromagnetism? You should look into crystals - they are my story.

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Are there any packs near Leicester?

mistywolf12 is close to you she says.

*13 :P

Hey guys. East midlands here :) x

Nice to see East Midlands represented again :D

Me too :)

Just saying but if this info falls into the wrong hands u werewolf packs out there could be in trouble but not saying it is gonna happen just saying so u kno

We don't give out specific locations for that reason. Many are experienced alphas and they know the risks of being here.


I'm alfa of the north west Yorkshire can't give u any more detail sorry classified

But we don't have a pack name we've thought about this for years but we can't think of one as soon as I kno I'll put it on here

But I am a alfa to 3 packs

Ok, thank you anyway.

I'm alfa of masters of protection or angels of the north west. North-west Yorkshire. England

I hav no website sorry

It's ok, I will sort it out soon, but thank you for the information.


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I am Alpha of Eternal Spirit, in the North East of England :) County Durham.

I will add you ASAP onto the list. Thank you!

There you go ^^

awsome :) thanks

No problem.

we have a website too if ud like too check it out?

Brilliant website!

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'Mericans aren't nearly as organized as all you blokes.

Haha; care to add any?

Are you doing Just packs or lone wolves as well?

This list is specifically just for packs, but it is to help lone wolves out ^^

Thanks you

That's ok.

I am the alpha male of the crimson wolf pack in England I can't tell u the county cuz I'm not allowed to

That is fine, just having the name helps :D Thank you!

I'm not allowed to meet packs haha, only spoke to one online and nearly broke it up haha. I'm from near leeds

I guess I can see why...

If you would like to know more about the Lupus Pack, we do have a website:

Thank you ^^

I am Alpha male of the Lupus Pack in the Staffordshire/West Midlands Area. You may of heard of the werewolves of Cannock Chase.

I haven't actually heard of you, but thank you for posting your pack!

Hey I'm female alpha of the Mission wolf pack, located in Nottinghamshire. X

Thank you for being the first!

UK packs needed please for the list! Be a star and add yours ^^ Many thanks!

Female alpha of The fallen pack Northeast England County Durham. Looking to merge packs with another nearby and willimg to step dowm from Alpha role if needed, for a bigger pack/family.

Thank you ~ I will get you up on the list ASAP ^^