Am Confused

My expirience in U niversity should have been the one that would chart out thh ejourney of my life but I increasingly find myself trapped in a cycle of books and exams fake friends and nothing else much in between. I wanted to have the expirience of a lifetime but what I get is confusion  mediocrity and routine. I enjoy being young and I really want anadventure before all the responsibility in life begins.

Nawega Nawega
22-25, F
3 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Perhaps your focus is in the wrong place. University can chart out a good course for the future, but it is also: a cycle of books and exams; a place and time to explore and really find yourself; socially unusual due to the focus of other students around you; and depending on your field, heavier in terms of time and effort than the field you are preparing for really is on average.<br />
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Looking at your statement, I get the sense that you're at a point in life where you have an aversion to responsibility - focusing on the cycle of books and exams as a bad thing rather than the building of knowledge you've acquired; and focusing on the responsibility after university as something that ends your fun. My best advice at the moment would be to branch out and try something either extra-curricular that is unusual to your past experience, or engage in study groups on topics that you are strong in to help others. In both instances you will necessarily need to talk to more people, and it will be outside of 'requirement', which is more socially conducive. It will also show you your likes and dislikes, and deepen the lines of your true character.<br />
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I hope it goes well for you, and remember to have fun once in a while.

I can sympathize with this! My two cents: try having a parttime job.

I just graduated few days ago and have to start working soon, Time in the university was the best time in my life even though its so hard .. I wish I could be back in uni again .. so soon, maybe higher for master degree lol