Always Somewhat Different

First of all, we are all different in our own ways. Most of us, especially when we are going through our teen years prefer not to be. We want to follow the mainstream, where it is safe and comfortable. I was always different from kids my age. I wasn't interested in the latest gossip, who was dating who etc or the boybands that a lot of girls liked. Of course I had celebrity crushes but I wasn't mad about them, or about hair straightners, the latest mobile phone or whatever. 

One thing that was and still is pretty unique about me is that I am interested in fashion. Not the mainstream kind. Before the 80s inspired fashion came back in a few years ago I was crazy about it- so colourful and zany! My grandmother was a fashion designer and although I don't know her I think I inherited a love of fashion from her. It's not always easy because people think you're weird if you don't look like everyone else and I mix and match everything in unpredictable ways. But I love it and I'm proud of it- it's what makes me unique.

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1 Response Mar 14, 2010

I think your right about that people are always tring to fit in rather then just imbrace what they truely are. I love myself and my individuality. I have always been accepted in the "in crowd but, i just was not sure i wanted to be there. I found that most girls were into guys, popularity, make up and bull****. I never have been the girl to wear skirts and lipstick, all about appearance. I have always cared about being a true friend and lover. The type to find friends within the quiet bunch. I am a person who uses my acceptance to my advantage to help those around me who don't seem to have a voice amongst their peers. I am the person to befriend the girl in the corer who no one understands because i know that the girl is person who has feelings. My main focus would be to get to know her,find out how the two of us are similar. i am a very quiet person who understands what it feels like to be deemed as "not that important" Weird, moody, crazy, too sentitive. I am also a serious person. I do have as ence of humor but i guess most people just can't see it. Most people are too occupied with using others, making fun at others expense or being just straight cruel. I can't stand the level of inequality people show others. I AM A FIRM DELIEVER IN TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WANT OTHERS TO TREAT YOU. Luckly i have gotten stronger in life because of all the monsters out there who prey on the caring. But i have evoled into the wolf in sheeps clothing. I want to meet those monsters because i can fight them now . I had to do a lot of spiritual growing in order to get where i am today but, i now feel empowered when people are against me.