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I AM THE TYPE OF PERSON WHO REALLY INJOYS THE LITTLE THINGS IN LIFE. I love to talk but about things of some type of importance, you know Tell me something or teach me something. Thats my thing. I believe that in every experience there is something to learn. For instance I love my husband but he is a really stubborn man. To the point that it drives me crazy.ie. If you know that i hate video games why the hell does he play them all day and then wonder why i am upset! Thats why i decided to join this cite. I am a married women totally in love with my husband but still feel that i am unfulfilled.  I am a sensitive person who has the ability to be more aggressive but really would prefer to just be left alone. I realize that most people like to party and socialize but i am more of the type to want to have a close friend over and we socialize. I would prefer the intimate walk , or the a beach front scenery to a concert or a night club. I don't want to say that i am antisocial but, i guess i am in a way. I prefer the quality of person i am around rather then the quantity of people. I  when i married my husband i really thought he was going to continue to be my companion and friend but as the years went by i realized that we are in love but are not into the same things. Therefore he does not know why i want to hold hands, or walk in the park, go to a jazz club have a candle light dinner. He is not a romantic man either.I  am a hopeless romantic. I am the type that will really appriciate a man or woman that caters to my individual needs. All i do as a person is cater to my friend or partnersneeds. Yet i am always finding that no one ever has time for the things that make me smile. Why is that? 

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Wow! That's a lot of stuff. First off, on the videogames front, I like them and play them a lot, but there are times where people can get addicted. Gamers tend to think that games are the best things ever and don't always understand why others don't like games, (and we often wonder where time goes when we play them hehehehe...)<br />
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Next, it sounds like you want your mate's attention on you- all the time. You want to be very intimately involved with your partner, which isn't a bad thing, but it could be that they want their space too. How about working in some of the things you like, but in return, doing some things they like? for ex. on Monday, you could ask them to recommend a game that *you'd* like and be able to play, and then on Friday you could both go out on the romantic date you mention.<br />
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It's a bit of a give and take, and I can see where you might not like games and he doesn't like dates, but it's only a suggestion. Maybe you could work together to set up a time and talk about it? With a time limit maybe, too- this kind of conversation can run away, and watch out for arguments that can arise! <br />
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