My First Letter!

I just received my first letter from my fiance. Its weeks four for us and I just got my first letter today, it took forever but I finally have it!

Hey Babe :) 

I'm not good with writing letters, but I'm going to treat this as if i was messaging you on Facebook like i always do. But this definitely has to be the first letter i have written to you since we have been together, and you already wrote three. The last one you wrote to me hasn't gotten to me yet, but i cant wait to read it. By the way baby could you send me some pictures of you and put it in the envelope with your letter. I am missing that beautiful smile, and i need to see it badly. I cant wait until you come down to my graduation. I know when i see you for the first time, i know that i am going to hold you and never let go. I've learned now since I've been away from you, i will never take a single second of being with you for granted ever again. I am going to treat you like the queen you deserve. I know you are probably curious of what I've been doing down here in Texas, well for the past week its been one of the most exhausting weeks i have ever done. My TI's (Training Instructor), or drill sergeants as everyone knows yell constantly. Its all the time for things they couldn't imagine they would scream at. They are kinda annoying, but ive been learning a lot from them. Ive been getting up at 4:45 every morning and doing something everyday until 9-10 ever night. One of the craziest things i have to say about the experience is that so far is is challenging. But what is sad though, my favorite thing to do before i got here was eat, but now its the most hated thing lol. The only time we eat is breakfast, lunch, and dinner... and we get yelled at constantly and the most in there. That's it pretty much so far down here. I was told it gets better as the weeks and days go by, but it gets harder. But that's okay with me. I want the weeks to go by real fast so i can see you again. I need my kiss babe :) By the way baby, I have been telling everyone that asks or i talked about you, that you are my fiancee... which is true in an informal way. I know that i am marrying you as soon as i am done with all this crap with the air force down here, and you are done with school. And to be honest with you baby I'm not exaggerating or anything, but ever since I've gotten down here you are seriously THE only thing I think about and you are always on my mind. I wish i could describe to you how much i miss you, but i cant. I miss you beyond anything I could ever imagine. I always go to that note you wrote me before i left and i sniff it because it has your perfume on it and it reminds me of everything about you. I love you soo so much! I actually love you beyond anything i could ever describe also you are truly  the best thing that's ever happened to me. So how are you doing baby? Is everything going okay? You're not fighting as much as you were with your mom and Mema? lol Just stay strong and these weeks will go by fast, and Christmas will be here soon. I would do anything right now if I could hold you in my arms and cuddle with you all night like we always do. I promise that we always WILL BE together forever. Your stuck with me no matter what you say :) Every chance I have gotten here, I pull out that amazing card with the perfume on it and even though I don't have enough time to read it, i just put it up to myself and sniff it because it has your perfume all over it and it reminds me of all the wonderful and beautiful things about you... which is everything!! You don't know how badly I would just  find a way where we never have to worry about each other being apart. I would literally run from where i am now in Texas, to all the way to you like I always do. You are the only person I really do care about. That i would die for... That I would give anything up for, just to make you happy. I also believe too that there was no doubt in my mind that when we first met, that you were definitely the one for me. NO Questions ABOUT IT!!! I cant wait til that day where i see you walk down the aisle in your wedding dress, looking like the angel that you are.  And i cant wait for that day where we take our baby girl home from the hospital. :) But most importantly I CAN NOT wait til that day where i can see you again. I can not wait, I just cant wait! I love you sooo much!!! I'm going to call you as soon as I get a chance. These ****** down here aren't allowing any phone calls until they feel like it is necessary. But I'm just going to keep working harder for that call. Just please keep your phone on you around the evenings cause i never know when i could get that call. But before i am done writing this letter, I want to thank you baby for everything. Thank you for being the best thing that's ever and will happen to me. Lol you are like my goddess and i worship you everyday.  I thank god still every day, for you coming in to my life. I also wanted to know how you are doing baby while I have been gone?  Whats new? I want to know everything babe lol, so you can tell me what ever has been going on and what you want to say. I cant wait to hear about it in your letters, but mostly i cant wait to hear it in your voice from that phone call. Okay baby I Love You SOO MUCH! I Love You Forever. 

Love Paul

P.S. Stop sniffing them ladybugs babe LOL!! :) <3
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If you ever need any support.. On facebook there is a group called Airman Swag!!! It's an amazing group!

Hmm Ill check it out. Ive joined Af wing moms and USAF basic militay training