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SO..... I just got off Skype with my hunny and the convo was very intense. In order for me to move to Germany we have to be married, which I knew. He then proceded to tell me that I would be coming sooner than we planned and of course asked me more or less to marry him. He is only concerned that the language barrier will be to much and then Id have to find a job there and put my son, well our son in school there and that we'd move alot with the military. I am aware of all of the trials and tribulations with the military, i would give anything to be able to wake up to him everyday. He is currently looking for houses and keeping me in the circle on what to buy etc.

I have so much to do :) First thing LEARN GERMAN haha, and i think i want to have a smalll courthouse wedding its so much cheaper.

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Thats very exciting, congrats. Forgive me because I'm new to the Air Force but why do you have to get married before you're allowed to move to Germany with him?

Congrats! I would really like to know how everything went and would really like tips cause my airman put germany on his dream sheet. I know we'll go where ever they tell us to but I would like to know more about the marriage situation

Awww!! Congrats to you all!! I'm sure you will enjoy your new journey!! Be safe!