I Love My Airman!

My fiancé left July 16 for basic training at Lackland AFB in Texas. This has been so hard for me, I miss him so much & I can't wait for him to be back home! Does anyone else have a boyfriend/fiancé/husband that has left for basic on the same day or recently? I really need people I can talk too that know what I'm going through.
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Hey my Airman graduated from lackland July 1st seeing him finally was like a high we wrote every day well I did he lived it even though he could only send mail once a week I would usually get 3/4 letters, and hearing his voice always made me cry at least the first month.. So much that I could barely talk to him when he actually did call! <br />
He is in Tech school now and the communication is much better but not nessicarly much easier they need to study and sleep an have crazy schedules, so it is easy to get frustrated, he has the weekends off an I am flying out to go see him in two weeks his Tech school is 3 months long so I am going there twice, it will make it not seem so long I hope! <br />
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Staying busy is key and so it the support of your family and friends like she said, I have been working and exercising as much as possible and doing research on Air Force life and the ba<x>se we got our PDS this week we will be in Elleworth SD he is doing Civil Enginering, do you know what your Airmans job will be you can see how long they get deployed and what there job includes.

Thank you so much! I got my first phone call yesterday and it was so great to hear his voice! Thanks again for your advice, it's helping me a lot!

My boyfriend left at the end of June, so we're halfway there! <br />
I know that right now it is difficult, and it's going to take a while to get used to. I hated him being away. We've been together almost 3 years and have never spent this much time apart. <br />
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It's not fun, but remember that it's worth it. Getting your first phone call or first letter will be the highlight of your week. And you'll look forward to getting them. <br />
My advice is to write A TON of letters. As soon as I got his mailing address, I was sending him a letter every day. It's great for you to still have some sort of communication and I know you'll both love to get them. <br />
Keep your phone with you all the time, cause missing phone calls is never fun. <br />
Try to surround yourself with supportive family and friends. They might not have experienced this themselves but they can provide lots of love and support to help you get through it.<br />
Also try to find something to keep you busy while he's away. It'll make the time pass faster. <br />
I suggest working out, so you'll feel better about yourself and you'll look amazing for when you see him again!<br />
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Just know we're all here to help, and we're all just a message away! Stay strong! <3