42 Days <3 Still Need Help Lol .

Lol , it seems like a lot of time he has left but I keep telling myself it isn't
i've been trying to get my hotel and bus ticket ready , but the only thing is i need a hotel that's like literally walking distance .

im leaving Wednesday ( October 24) at like 3 A.m so i should be in San Antonio around 7:55 Thursday Morning, are the taxi's expensive ? because i'm not sure if the Grey hound reaches Lack land and if they do i need a way to the hotel , His friends are coming down Friday so that's mainly how we'll be getting around but i want something close where i can walk back to my hotel and also walk to the event come thursday .

Help :) i'm new to this BMT graduation stuff .
davisbee davisbee
18-21, F
Sep 10, 2012