So my airman comes home in 20 days and we have been apart for almost 6 months. I have been totally fine for the most part. up until now. I cant sleep every night I spend crying myself to sleep. I sleep with the air force build a bear he gave me and air force blanket and a giraff pattern blanket and all this and my pillow is sprayed with his cologne, If I am missing one of these things then i can forget about sleeping all together,
Alot has happaned since he has been gone and i have tried to stay strong and i think now im losing it, I have 6 suicides of my friends since he left plus this girl keeps trying to take him from me. Even though i know she wont the pain is still there. I just want him to come home and maybe these tears will go away. I love him so much and i just want him home for a minuet,
airmansprincess90 airmansprincess90
22-25, F
Sep 26, 2012