Results Are In

After almost two nerve wrecking & scary hours, I got my results. They came back negative. & I know it's for the best because Sonny & I are just not prepared to have a baby just yet. I hope he can forgive me for not talking to him these past couple of days. & I'm not necessarily sure what to say to him when he asks why I've been away. I'm always honest with him,but I think it's best not to tell him just yet to not worry him. Is that wrong to do? Thanks again for the support ladies
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

i think you were probably right not to tell him before you knew the results, afterall what could he of done, and he prob would of felt helpless, let him know you had a scare but wanted to make sure first...that way still staying honest but trying to not worry him with extra stress

Yea,thank you
That's pretty much what I did. He got a little upset tho because he said he didn't like the thought of me panicking & worrying all by myself with no one to lean on. The good thing is that it was just a scare,stomach flu to be exact haha,but things are just fine :)

thought he might think that, they are bbig teddy bears these military men lol My friend once described them as knuckle dragging teddy bears lol

Hahaha never heard that one before lol