Its Not Fair

Life really hasn't been fair lately. Yeah Im an adult now so its not supposed to be fair. I work everyday except Sunday and Monday. I work from 3:30-9:30, my husband works from 7:30-4:30. So I get to see him a whole day and a half a week! It sucks! So finally today we had plans to get out and do something. What does he do? Agree to take his friend downtown. By the time he got home it was 2:00pm and I was pissed of course! So I went to look for outfits for our Christmas pictures and found nothing so we ate. After eating I wanted to go get everything else that I needed, but he had the nerve to ask me if he could sleep while I shopped or if he could just go home. I asked him why he will take his friends to do what ever they want when ever they want but when it comes to me and spending time with me he would rather go home and sleep or something, anything but spend the 1 days we have together a week. Ad he told me it was because I NAG, because I NAG! Really?? I don't ask him to do anything ever! At the most it would be to do the dishes and that's rare. If asking why he rarely has sex or saying that I feel like he doesn't love me as much as he used to or asking if he is still attracted to me is nagging then SHEESH! I wrote a letter saying how I felt and apparently that's nagging. And that was like a month ago, I didn't nag today or yesterday or this entire week. So I cried the entire way home. Its not fair how he treats me when we see so little of one another.
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Lol I know y'all do. Omg alot on your plate!! All husbands can be *****. We had the same problem, but with him stuck on his 360 and sleeping all the time. I told him I did not move all the way to Kansas to be ignored lol.

Yeah exactly hes always playing video games but now that I have school work to do I don't really care that much lol.

The problem is that you both don't see each other anymore. You both work at different times and its understandable, but you have to make that time. Get him to understand that what's going on is not healthy for your marriage. In the long run, if it keeps going, you will be used to not seeing each other, and when you do have that time, there will be fights because of the time not communicating. I hope everything is still good and then that would mean this post I'm putting is useless lmao.....

Yeah everything is good, I made my manager change my work schedule to mornings. And I just started school online, AND I just got hired as an advisor for the school :) Hes an *** sometimes but you know we love eachother lol.

It doesn't seem fair. Maybe ask him what he sees as nagging and then try to work it out with him. Tell him it made you upset that he took his friend over you. I know what you mean sometimes my boyfriend does stupid things like this. I'm just like how can you not see how jerkish that was?? I think in this situation you should kill him with kindness and next week plan a WHOLE special day out with him where he cannot make any other plans, maybe start with breakfast in bed. I know it'll be hard with work though. Haha I dont know just a suggestion :)

Well we ended up not talking all day or night. And this morning he brought be flowers and candy canes lol. And he apologized.

Aw that's so sweet. I'm glad you guys are good now :D