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Hello everyone, my name is Hannah. My boyfriend is in Tech school right now. We got the news yesterday that he will be going to Korea for a year. Since he is coming home for Christmas Exodus he will not be able to come home again before he leaves. I know he will be able to come home for about two weeks or so at the six month mark. I understand that being apart is what comes with the job of being a military girlfriend. But I am terrified that he wont be able to communicate with me at all over there. I did research and it appears that American cell phones done work in Korea. Has anyone gone through a Korea deployment specifically? How is the communication levels? Please any advice will help. I never knew I could be this sad. : (
(I posted this in another group too, just trying to get some help where I can!)
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Will he be stationed in Osan. My wife and I made it through my time in Korea. See my album "Korea" in my profile to see what he will be viewing over there.