Wife Retired From Air National Guard

My wife retired as a Master Sargent From the NY Air National Guard after 27 years. I wish I had been patient enough to stick it out and retire from the military.
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True !!! I sometimes wish I had but I just couldn't stand the bullshit that went on. Little did I know at that time but really the bullshit you put up with in civilian life is just the same . Maybe more annoying the last 8 years or more.

Yeah, I had over 17 years and I had to get out just to keep from drowning in the bullshit. I almost got back in but the recruiter pulled one of those bait and switch deals and I said no thanks.

Ohhhhh those recruiters were good at that !!!!!!! Mine lied thru his teeth and to this day I can't actually get over it .But--- You gotta move on I reckon. I have never discouraged any one from joining the military but I always made sure to let them know that very fact.

I feel the same way but it's all water under the bridge now. I support the US Armed Forces 100% and am proud to have been a part of them. I think about the pension if I hadn't gotten out but I made that choice many years ago. I do have VA medical benefits though so I didn’t lose out completely and I appreciate them very much.

Well you're lucky. The va did help me out twice. Once when I had pneumonia and then I went to them when my brain quit functioning right . They found a tumour in the underside of my brain and in the course of getting back to where I could function( with medicine) I lost my health insurance due to Obama Care. A week after the insurance company informed me of that wonderful fact, the VA sent me a letter that said all my Dr s. Appointments and testing had been cancelled. I went back a number of times to argue the situation but the IRS( which actually runs the va) said I made more money than was allowed .

So I really have kinda lost faith in the VA, the IRS and the Government as a whole .

Sorry to hear of your bad experience with the VA. I have been getting all my medical care through the VA for a little over ten years now and have hardly any complaints but have been waiting for the dickhead n chief to figure out a way to screw us and take that away also. He and his ilk have certainly screwed everyone else over with obamacare. The VA hospital I get my care from is one of the best in the country and I'm fortunate for that but I get nauseated every time I walk in there and see his picture hanging there knowing how muhe hates our military.

Exactly !!! Although I do think all the military personnel at the hospital and the out clinics feel much the same way, there's a ton of the civilian employees that think he's the greatest thing since sliced bread . Including the IRS.

He hasn't many friends when it comes to members of the military, but sadly it's true that the civilians at the VA are more likely to support the fraud.

Sadly is being WAY to kind. And now we have a carbon copy of that clown wanting to be the next " Ruler". God forbid the American people let that happen to them again. I love this country but I truly am going to make sure that my passport is up to date.

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