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I am new to this ep thing.
My boyfriend and I are having hard times and i am looking for friends who understand what i am going through. He is an air force meterologist at Barksdale in bossier city, Louisiana. I am back in our hometown in north Texas. We met after he joined. Only been together three months but i know he is the man i want to marry. The distance is really taking a toll on our relationship lately. How do you cope with the loneliness? Especially when we dont get to talk much right now because he is so busy. Help
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Hey! The distance part of your relationship will never be easy, even after you begin living with each other/marriage, there is always another deployment. It always hurts, but I have found that the more I was around my friends, going out and being with them, it was easier. The more people you can surround yourself with that love you, the less lonely you feel. Nothing can ever replace your loved one, but it helps.

Hey!I kinda feel like a vetern at this to be honest..haha my guy and i have been together for a year and a half and i've been through a deployment with him. Now that he's back I'm in Iowa and he's in North Carolina. The important thing to remember while you guys are apart that this is a good thing. Distance really makes you realize how much the other person means to you and it gives you a chance to know someone on a personal level more because that's all you have. My guy and I have a "skype date" every week for an hour just to talk like really talk about everything including our feelings towards one another. Most importantly you have to understand even though he is your man..he is in the military first you come second and as much as it sucks thats the truth and thats how it will be. Just don't let little things start fights and always go to bed knowing your both missing eachother. I'm not going to sit here and tell you it's easy because it's not and I'm sure you already know this...but it might get harder and thinking about that sucks. But if you guys really care for eachother it will all work out. I have a calender that has a count down until we see eachother again on it and every day I send him a picture of it and he really enjoys it.This experience can not only make your relationship stronger but you as a person too. It's an adjustment but eventually things will get a little easier promise!But always here to talk us military girlfriends have to stick together!

My boyfriend is at basic for the army right now, and our only ways of communicating are thru letters. It is really hard and there are times I feel really lonely and wish he was with me. But I always try to just keep busy. Do yous get to talk while he's away? And I know how you feel about not having people who understand what your going thru. It's hard for people to understand where your coming from. But just keep your head up. The way I look at it, is that when he's done we'll have a much better life together. The experiences he's getting while he's in the military are gonna help him in the long run. Keep your head up, hope this helps.