My Story (from Basic To Tech School To Engagement)

My Airman and I have been dating since 01-15-12(also his birthday ) we were dating for less than three months(we were never apart for more than 12hrs the entire time) before he went off to basic. We made it thru the long antagonizing 8 weeks then through him moving from base to base because he was on the track to the PJ's (para jumpers ) and moving in and out of tech school. he finally got settled down on Langley AFB. I've only seen him a handful of times since he left because my home town back in Ohio is almost 8hrs away from his base and with college and work it's very hard for me to escape down there. But as of 01-01-13 he has asked me to marry him and obviously I said yes! He is the man of my dreams! We plan a quick real small wedding at the court house and the following year on 05-04-14 we are going to have a huge celebration with our families including the dress and the reception! Which I'm excited for :) I get to see him again the second weekend of march then in may we plan to marry. And I am going to moving there at this point. I'm super nervous about moving so far from home but I know he truly makes me happy and I love him with my whole heart!
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My husband and I just got married, two weeks after the proposal, he leaves for basic march fifth. I'm already so heartbroken thinking about him being gone. Any tips to help ease the pain/"quicken" the time?