Need Information About On base Hotels? Please Help

My boyfriend just graduated from Technical School at Sheppard AFB & just moved to his first base, Altus AFB, in Oklahoma. I've been planning a visit to go see him next month & he is paying for my plane ticket & I was going to take care of the hotel costs since he cannot have overnight visitors at the dorms. I was planning on a short visit so I could afford the hotel, but then I found out there is a hotel on base called the Red River Inn that is MUCH cheaper so I could stay longer.

The thing is, I can't find any information on whether or not a civilian girlfriend is allowed to stay at the on base hotel? So if anyone could help me out? Am I allowed to stay there, or do I have to find a hotel off base? Also, one website said that this hotel provides transportation to & from the Lawton air port which would be EXTREMELY helpful, but I cant find that information anywhere else. It's all so confusing & the bulk of this trip plans rely on this. I wanna see my man so badly & it'll be my last chance until July because I go to a year round college.

So please, if anyone has been through this or knows about it please let me know. I would REALLY appreciate it.
evansgirl8 evansgirl8
18-21, F
Jan 20, 2013