My Airman Left Today-Update 5/11

My Airman leaves for BMT(Lackland AFB) today, I droped him off in Montgomery,AL Yesterday

We've been dating for 2 and a half years and we are engaged

I am missing him so much already

I'm not really sure what to expect,I already started one letter today even though I don't even have his address yet lol

I hear the first few weeks are the hardest is this true?

I would really love to have some people going through the same thing to talk to because my friends don't understand

Any advice would be apprereciated!



Missed A call from my airman a few mins ago..................I'm so upset but he did leave a message he said he needs me to send him the Visitor Access Request Letter again because his got lost lol...................I'm still upset that I missed his call but it was so good to hear his voice! he sounds good and he said I love you so much sweetie :D the sad thing is I missed his call becuase i was washing my white canvas high heels *rolls eyes* and I also got the card with his address on it today and was suprised to find that I got it right the first time! lol and it takes stuff a week to get here (Lucedale,MS) from there 0_o

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My Boyfriend left to his basic training a week after yours (May 11th). I'm so excited to receive a letter back, I'm not sure what week they start writing letters? I couldn't help but laugh when I read that you also started a letter before even getting the address to their base. First week went by pretty fast...MIss MY AIRMAN ALREADY.


7ey, I know exactly how you feel, my boyfriend left the same day, so looks like we're on the same timeline. What flight is your bf in?

Girls do you know how I can get info on having a Air Force wedding? I can't find anything on reserving A chapel

I'm engaged to my man at lackland too so I know exactly how you feel. The most important thing to remember is to take one day at a time. Keep yourself as busy as possible. Like the other girls said it really does get better!<br />
Write to your airman everyday! And stay positive! Even if you have a rough day stay positive for them! We're always here if you need to let it all out. God knows I've done it and these girls are great!<br />
You're going to be ok Lauren!<br />
Everything is going to be ok! :O)

He just called from the airport :..(

Hey Lauren~ Welcome Welcome Welcome!!! My boy left April 6 and we're halfway through. Yes they won't get much communication for the first few weeks. That's when the MTIs will break them down inside and out and start building new AIRMEN with perfection! So look forward to that :D And it's such a good thing that you started the letters today. Write him EVERYDAY if time and money allows. And show your support as much as possible in those letters. It's really lonely and hard in the beginning, trust me I know. We're still in our honeymoon stage of our relationship and it was..well it's still hard but not as bad as the first couple weeks. It gets better dear~ Hang in there and stay positive and smile for the day you'll see your boy at graduation!! :D

basically listen to what these girls say. :D write to him everyday about anything and everything. there is no such thing about too much letters. and dont expect anything even though i know it can be hard. the first week is the hardest cause you are adjusting to new things.. but after that things will fall into place. you may not get use to it right away or at all but dont worry you will be fine. Stay strong for him... also try to keep yourself busy and have your phone with you all the time haha seriously cause calls come unexpectedly at times but it will most likely be on the weekend. it just depends.. Also dont send pics right away kinda wait till he says its fine to send pics cause some ti's dont allow it or what not... if you need people to talk to or to vent... just write here. This group is very helpful when it comes to advice and how to handle things :D! we are here for you.. i know what you mean by your friends not understanding cause i went through that and kinda lost a friend in the process.. but dont worry :D is if you need anything we are here for you :D

The first weeks are the hardest. I agree with the advice to not expect any contact from him for a while. I was incredibly frustrated because I wasn't getting letters from him and I had sent him a lot. But then I got a call from my boyfriend after almost 3 weeks and it was only then that I learned that he had written me letters but for some reason I wasn't getting them. Ironically, I went to the post office to file a report of not receiving mail and that very day about 2 hours after I got back, I got his first letter. It was only the graduation information that he sent when he first got there, but at least I know now that those letters he wrote me are coming. So just try your hardest to be patient and not expect anything for a while. <br />
One thing I did for the first few days and that I still do sometimes is to keep a running journal of things that I think about that I want to tell him. I'm so used to texting him during the day when I'm not with him any time I think of something or see something he would think was funny and not being able to was the hardest part for me the first few days. I also like to write him letters at night because that is when I miss being able to snuggle up to him before I go to sleep. When I sit down to write them I pull out my journal so that I can tell him some of the things from that day. It just helps me remember them because otherwise I might not and I try really hard to not make my letters sound the same every day. <br />
Those things helped me and also staying busy helps a lot. I made a list of things that I would like to start spending more time on that I used to put after spending time with my boyfriend. I don't regret putting them after spending time with him by any means, but I am trying to find something positive about not having him around to keep me from dwelling on how much I miss him.

Hi, the best advice is don't really expect anything! He may not get to call or write at all, or he might get to call every week. It varies based on the TI. But it is so important that you write to him even if you aren't getting anything in return.<br />
<br />
The first few days are tough, just try to keep busy with work, school, or hobbies. Night time is hard for me, so that's when I write my letters, it sort of tricks me into thinking I talked to him. Its okay to cry and be upset, or even come on here and vent when you are angry. It's gone by pretty fast for me, I only have 2 weeks left!