Got My First Letter Today!!

So the title says it, I got the first letter from my man.  OMG, I read it over and over again.  He said my letters and comics cheers him up everyday.  I like the fact that I am writing everyday for him and he is fighting for me.  This really makes us bond.

He said he would like to station somewhere overseas to experience more and said, " If we get married we can live in a foreign country, I'm sure you will like that right?" I am so touched that he chose to ask me before he made decisions like this.  I am trilled to be included in his life.

So I told him I have always had this dream of being a journalist, writing stories that can improve our society little by little.  But this dream would mean nothing without him.   If he wants to do Air Force for life,  I will follow him.  In chinese there is a saying, "I will come with you to the cliff of the sky and the corner of the oceans".  That's exactly how I feel now.

I hope you girls are doing good.  Have a lovely weekend.



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1 Response May 15, 2010

Aww I'm glad you got a letter. I know I reread mine over and over again.